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Your Monthly Horoscope: May Is Looking Good For You

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by Conscious Reminder

This month would be different from the rest. For, we would need to regulate our hearts and minds on an equal frame. Some of the major events having during this period are:

1. Multiple planets would be entering Taurus

2. Motivating planet of Mars would be entering the emotional zodiac of Cancer (May 15)

3. Scorpio would be hosting a Full Moon (May 18)

4. Sun would be entering curious Gemini (May 21)

These alignments might bring some challenges. But one of the tricks to deal with them is to first fix what you want, and then move accordingly. Make sure that you never deviate from your objectives, regardless of what people say. Let them, for you don’t need them.

Also, Mercury would be fixating itself with the Sun to initiate Gemini season, so we would find a lot of things to see, communicate with, and learn from.


Remember that finances would be a big part of this month. So don’t shy away whatever you do. You could get an enormous boost, only if you keep your head in the game and see the bigger prize. But it is important that you know your worth. Your relationship is also about to go through a change, as is your family life. You might be having some very intimate and difficult conversations in your relationship. So, stand your ground, and have those conversations.


You are the absolute babe of the universe now. So, all you need to do is set your mind on something, and you would see it happening. If you want to upgrade or completely renovate your wardrobe, go for it. If you think a relationship is completely dead, let that go too.


The Universe is sending you gifts for your birthday season, in the form of good energy and good vibes. But what is also necessary is that you utilize those gifts to reach your goals. Also, do take care of your heath, and watch over your spending.


Use your new found fame to the extreme to climb to the top. Make connections, friends, whatever have you, because you deserve it. You have worked hard for it, and your popularity is spreading. So, use it.


You will attain success in the workplace. Might even get a promotion. But your relationships or family might take a hit, so be careful about everything that is happening around you. Also, make sure that you know that your friends are your allies.


It is time to explore. New experiences, new countries, new emotions are there for you. This period should be simply used by you for learning and adventures. Use this period to catapult your career to unchartered heights.


Time for you to start exploring your own self. Reach deep within so that you know who you truly are, and what you truly want. But remember, that this might lead to some uncomfortable truths about yourself. On the whole though, you would come out better.


This month is all about learning more about your partnerships with people. Be it any, remember to always go into a healthy discussion instead of biting each other’s heads off. Also, if you are a couple, make sure to talk about money.


This month is all about self-development and productivity. Try to formulate ways that would help you get a perspective as to maintaining a work-life balance. Remember that a balance is going to help you out in the long run.


You might chance upon some stranger who would take you on a roller coaster ride for love. Also, your skills would be tested to the limits, and it is possible that you would attain fame because of your work. Possibly, something creative.


Your relationships and domestic life would take up most of your time this month. But, this instant, you would love doing that, instead of simply considering it as a burden. What you need to know is that if there are changes that you need in your house and domestic relationships, bring forth those changes. You have the power to do it.


It is all about making connections. The more people you know, the more eyes and ears you have around the world. Your romantic life may get spiced up, but you do need to stay centered and grounded.

May is looking good for all. Hope you have a good month!

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