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How To Attract Money: Three Steps To A Future Of Prosperity

by consciousreminder
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by John M. Caviness
Contributing Author, Conscious Reminder

People who know how to attract money into their lives appreciate how it makes everything else in life much easier.

Imagine for a moment, how much effort is it to find time to exercise when you are wealthy? You could buy more nutritious food and start looking after your health more.

With the knowledge of how to attract money, how much more time could you devote to building relationships.

It makes sense that all these things that may be a challenge right now, simply vanish when you have the time and resources to apply to these areas of your life. You can accomplish any goal if you have the resources.

Some people say that money isn’t everything. This is true. But that shouldn’t be an excuse to struggle through life when you know it can be so much easier when you have financial wealth. In this article, I will share three simple steps that will help you towards learning how to attract money.

Decide and Expect

The first step in learning how to attract money is where you decide exactly the amount you expect to have and an exact date by which you’re going to have it. As a test, I recommend that you don’t go crazy and ask for an outrageous fortune in a ridiculous time frame. Build your way up, starting with something small like $15,000 in the next six months. This way you can build confidence as you achieve smaller goals and this will lead to bigger goals.

You must not worry about how this money is going to manifest. Once you’ve decided on the sum, let it go. You’ve probably already experienced this in your life at some point, where you’ve had to produce a sum of money in a period of time and had no idea at the time how you were going to do it. That probably worked out for you.

You knew you had to do it and that was your expectation: it had to happen.

Build an Obsession

Learning how to attract money doesn’t involve getting obsessed about money.

Money is nothing more than a means of exchanging value. Your work offers value to your employer, for which you get paid and turn that money into value for yourself like clothes, food, etc. Therefore, there is always a reason why you want the money.

This is the thing that you should get obsessed about.

Get in touch with the reason why you want the money, make the achievement of goals the accomplishment of these things. This will give you all the motivation and purpose you need to attract the wealth you need.

Work with What You’ve Got

Everything you do can be directed at the achievement of your goal. This is a key principle in how to attract money. The strategy you are currently applying may not be giving you the results you want, but it’s important to keep at it because all the while your subconscious is responding to your obsession over the goal. Your mind will start bringing ideas and information to your attention, you can then start to transfer some of your energy in different directions.

Opportunities that are hidden from you at the moment will start to reveal themselves to you and will make it possible for you to grasp how to attract money.

About the author: John M. Caviness is a successful marketing manager at the service where you can ask to “write my paper”. This job gives him an opportunity to express his opinion and thoughts on different topics including web development.

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