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How Is Intuition Different From Psychic Ability?

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

We are living in chaotic times. There is an overload of cosmic activities along with the pandemic. During such times, most of us are trying to reconnect with the self.

We are trying to tune into our own psychic abilities to find peace within. But is intuition the same as psychic ability? How are they different?

A general understanding of the two might lead us to believe psychic ability as the natural extension of our intuitive powers. Intuition is that gentle nudge we feel from within, without any reason. Intuition comes to everyone naturally.

The degree may vary, but we’re familiar with it. When one can recognize it and act upon those feelings, one starts developing their psychic abilities. Intuition is not a figment of your imagination or just some random thoughts. They are signals from the Universe. The energies that be are trying to guide you.

Those who can consciously channelize their intuition become more aware of their psychic abilities. One often feels lost as to where they should start working on to build their psychic abilities or which tools to use.

But before embarking on that journey, you need to freely explore your intuition. If you have an active imagination, you can better connect your intuition with your latent psychic abilities. We do know how to use our psychic abilities, but we need to consciously exercise our intuition first.

Simple exercises can help you better understand how your psychic abilities need help from your imagination to create a flow of information. You have to start by imagining that you are already in tune with your psychic powers. Call upon your innate abilities with questions that test your intuition:

1. Before that Zoom meeting starts, ask yourself what color of shirt a colleague might wear to the meeting.

2. When you hear your phone buzzing, instead of glancing at the screen, use your abilities to guess who is calling.

3. You can even try guessing how much your electricity bill might be next month or the marks your son will get in a test.

With such small exercises, you too can awaken those latent psychic abilities. Get started today!

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