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The Halloween Blue Moon Will Have The Biggest Effect On These 4 Zodiac Signs

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by Conscious Reminder

The Halloween Blue Moon scheduled to grace us on 31st October is quite rare, to say the least.

Even though it is October’s second Full Moon, it is filled with exciting energies. Not to mention, it is the first Halloween since COVID-19, and it is a Blue Moon.

On top of everything else, Mercury is also in Retrograde. The Halloween Blue Moon is occurring from the realm of Taurus. And so, our love life and finances will see some changes. Moreover, active Uranus will complicate things further.

Here are the four zodiacs that need to stay alert during the upcoming Halloween Blue Moon.


Your zodiac will heavily influence the upcoming Full Moon. And as a result, you will experience the intensity of it. Try to remain calm and positive while your mind and body deals with all the energies. Ultimately, you will come out healed and rejuvenated.


Since Mercury is in Retrograde, your work life will take a blow. You will witness amazing opportunities, which might get stressful. The best thing for you to do at the moment is to accept all changes. Just hang on a bit longer; good things are coming!


The Halloween Blue Moon will encourage you to analyze your relationships. It can be with one of your family members or with your romantic partner. You will receive crystal clear vision to understand what deep issues you and your partner have been struggling with. Take the opportunity to better connect and understand your loved ones.


Aquarius, you have no problem interacting with new things. Under this Halloween Blue Moon, you need to take this trait a little further. Open your personal boundaries and make space for new people.

Under this Lunar event, you will find yourself evolving. It might be scary but remember that it will lead to a better you. Simply let go of any fears and trust in the Halloween Blue Moon.

Full Moons release intense energies. This 31st, harness the Lunar energies and experience spectacular growth.

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