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If You Experience Any Of These 11 Signs You Are Being Energetically Drained

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by Conscious Reminder

And you thought vampires only exist in Twilight? You are gravely mistaken, my friend. They exist in our society, as well. I’m not saying you should go to Transylvania looking for Count Dracula. I’m suggesting something far more real.

Real life vampires don’t walk in capes or drink human blood for dessert. They are hiding among the faces that you meet everyday, sucking out your life energy and leaving you with a numb feeling.

Our characters are defined by the kind of energy they foster. In the end, everything comes down to energy, and not in a strictly spiritual sense. Do you know someone who gets on people’s nerves and requires a lot of attention? Do you ever get tired or exhausted only by talking to someone? That’s more like a vampire, actually.

We have prepared a list of 11 signs which can warn you about your energy going to the wrong places:

1.Have you experienced being talked at rather than talked to? There are people who would consider you merely to be a vessel, a listener at whom they can throw their ideas and views. Don’t spend much time with them, or else they can drain every bit of your energy within a couple of hours.

2.Do you try to pretend to be someone just to fit in a crowd? They don’t give a damn about you and your sincerest efforts and will not fail to drain your energy. And you know what? You are better off alone.

3.If staying with them evokes in you a sense of guilt and they complain a lot about you being not the person they want.

4.Some people will try to manipulate you, use you and discard you when they’ve got what they wanted. Just don’t be a doormat, okay?

5.You are not really comfortable (let alone be pleased) with the sexual intimacy you have with this person. Sex feels like a chore, or worse, a favor, and there’s definitely something wrong in that.

6.You would be relieved to come out of this relationship, but you’re not able to. Energy Vampires are really good at manipulating their victims to be stuck with them. This is the sad reality of many of the abusive relationships. If you’re in one, opt out ASAP.

7.You get tangled up in their everyday dramas whether you want to or not. This could put a huge pressure on your energy index.

8.Narcissistic personalities depend heavily on other people’s energies in order to lead their own lives. They are (in)famous energy drainers – they abuse, belittle, confuse and turn your life into a living hell.

9.Keep yourself away from the cult of celebrities. Celebrities often look more charismatic than they are, and you’ll eventually end up spending your energy in return of… nothing.

10.Someone close to you saying things like they can’t live without you, they’d die if you go away and of course, the one that begins with ‘If you would’ve loved me, you’d do…’

11.If you feel out of energy, check for chronic infections like fungal growth and candida. They are significant energy drainers. Chronic fatigue is the most readily visible sign indicating you to change something in life.

Have you encountered an Energy Vampire in your life? Let us know in the comment section below.

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