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This Is Why 11/11/2020 Is Among The Most Powerful Manifestation Days Of The Century

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

The overall astrology forecast for 2020 has been quite intense for most of us. As soon as we got out of one Retrograde, another turned.

As soon as we cleared the murky waters of one aspect, another shifted. And the trend is not stopping any time soon. But even in such challenging times, we have our days of relief.

11th November is one such magical day that not only lets us breathe but actually lets us see the good around us. The numerology of 11/11 suggests we are about to enjoy the luckiest day of the month.

11th November is our day to align with our spirituality, deep awakening, and energy of abundance. If you can make the most of this day, you will be set on a new life path that will prepare you for something great. While this one day is bringing enough positive vibes for us, we need to be wary of the Mars Retrograde that is coming to an end this week.

Jupiter and Pluto are forming a conjunction, and Mercury retroshade fall 2020 is shifting to Scorpio too. Despite the madness of these energies, we can make great advances towards our higher aspirations with the numerology of 11/11.

What makes this 11/11 extra special is the fact that it falls in a year with a repeating pattern (2020). For most people, this is a lifetime event because the previous one happened in 1919 and the next one will happen on 11/11/2121.

Numerology of 11/11

Spiritual connection, awakening, and growth are related to the number 11. With a double dose of the number, this a great day to reconnect with your higher self and your goals.

Master number 11 is also related to sudden opportunities and massive life shifts. And the numerology of 1 says it brings new beginnings. So, these powers are now joining forces to help us manifest our true desires.

If you can align yourself with the energies of this auspicious day, you will be set to forge new paths and open doors of abundance. When you reach your higher truth, the power of 11 helps us awaken.

Spiritual awakenings and enlightenment commonly happen on 11th November. If you have been wondering about your life path, set your intentions now. The energies of the day will bring you clarity and show you precisely where you need to go.

But in order to manifest those intentions, you have to get in touch with your subconscious mind. Reach out to the spiritual realm and be open to new possibilities. The day is sort of a doorway to the unknown. Only the brave ones can move past it and walk towards a better life filled with rewards.

Manifesting on 11/11

There are many rituals to align yourself with the energies of the day. They can help you reconnect with yourself and also help you find focus and clarity. You need to be clear about what you desire.

Thing big, the Universe has no limits! Look within and think of the things you truly want. The better you understand the reasons behind those yearnings, the faster your thoughts will manifest.

Reflection exercises can be your cosmic guide for the day. Firstly, you need to quieten the mental chatter so that the higher aspirations can be heard. The best way to do this is to think that your desires are already yours to behold.

Embody the frequency of your desires. Think of how it will change you, how it will bring changes in your life, and how it makes an impact on the world. Let these be your guides to manifesting those desires.

Even the ones among us who have given up on hope will find something good coming out of this day. Let the Universe surprise you with its abundance. Hope is never lost, we just need to restore our faith.

And let 11th November be the day you see doors of opportunity magically opening up and bringing you your heart’s true desires!

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