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The Spiritual Significance Of The Female Moon Cycle

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by Conscious Reminder

Unlike contemporary western rejection of the female moon-cycle, in ancient times menstruating women were worshiped and celebrated.

Ancient Taoist and Egyptian rituals included use of menstrual blood which was believed to enhance spiritual power. A woman on her period was considered to hold the power of creation and wisdom and the people of the tribe looked up to them for guidance.

A woman’s menstrual cycle in linked to the moon and the tides. The word menstruation in Greek is linked to “moon”, “power” and “month”. Women often bled together on the new moon and ovulated at the hour of the full moon.

Around 5000 years ago, when the goddess worship started giving way towards a more male-dominated patriarchal mode of worship, the idea of menstruation began to be associated with impurity, menstruating women were barred from entering places of worship, coking and having sex.

Regardless, women while menstruating, often experience profound spiritual connection although most Western ideology suppresses acknowledgement of this divine gift.

Painful or uncomfortable menstruation is believed to be a result of rejection of femininity; culture has molded women to be embarrassed or shameful when menstruating.

The divine moon cycle can help you get in touch with your spiritual creativity, and here are a few tips on how to.

Day 1: The Beginning and the end

The first day, the beginning of a new cycle and the end of an old one, marks the ‘death’ phase of the death-rebirth sequence. The old lining of the uterus is shed for a new sustaining lining to take its place, symbolizing a woman’s discard of past emotional baggage as she enters into a new phase.

Day 2-7: Bleeding

During this phase, creativity grows and flourishes. Journeying inward becomes easier, writing, creating art, retreating into oneself and remaining undisturbed can help the woman get in touch with her divine, intuitive side. This however is a time if vulnerability, so avoiding harsh music, loud scenes and uncomfortable company is suggested.

Day 8-14: Ovulation

During this phase, the ovary prepares to release an egg and this is the peak of the feminine creativity and a surge in sexual energy. This is the perfect time to start new projects, conceive new ideas or begin a new life. Studies show that men are subconsciously more attracted to women during this phase of their menstrual cycle.

Day 15-21: Harvest

This post ovulatory phase is one of reminiscence and contemplation. The woman often recollects her achievements if the past month and this stems from a subconscious relief or regret of the psyche at not becoming pregnant. This is the phase of change and confrontation when the woman decides to snip out the unnecessary and bygone elements of her life.

Day 22-28: Shedding

This is the phase of shedding, of clarity and action. This is the time when the woman needs to be less emotionally available to others, to clear all useless excesses that is holding her back.

Often women do not realize the loss of this gift until they cross into menopause. So embrace the gift of divinity and spirituality and release your inner power.

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