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White Moon Selena in Gemini, June 2024: Time to Embrace Your Shadow Self

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by Conscious Reminder

Since November 2023, White Moon Selena has been in Taurus, and she will soon enter Gemini for almost exactly seven months.

Let’s find out to what extent the White Moon Selena in Gemini will influence us.

What is White Moon Selena in Astrology?

Selena, the White Moon, is not an astrological planet but rather a “virtual point” associated with the Moon’s orbit, the point of the orbit closest to Earth, known as perigee.

Selena is associated with the guardian angel’s protection, divinity, and altruism in astrology. The area (zodiac sign and astrological house) where the White Moon appears in the birth horoscope receives special protection, a blessing for our ancestors’ noble, selfless deeds.

The White Moon represents the best-cultivated virtues in human character. In that area, the person is more confident, virtuous, and secure.

It would be difficult to explain why one person has had a strong trait, such as courage, since childhood while another does not. However, once we realize that the soul has many incarnations, everything falls into place.

Selena’s expression has three levels:

Level 1: Selena allows many living beings to be saved and guided.

Level 2: Selena protects people and their surroundings, guiding them toward evolution.

Level 3: Because of previous misconduct, the person does not feel Selena’s protection.

Selena, like the Sun in the spring, shines a bright light all around, highlighting dirty areas and encouraging people to clean them. On the other hand, Selena has the ability to cleanse painstakingly, capturing the obstacles that hinder the evolution of light. The area Selena travels (both the sign and her home) becomes more visible; it is easier to see the truth and restore justice in these areas, which indicates good karma.

White Moon Selena in Gemini Dates:

  • enters June 15th 2024
  • exits January 13th 2025

White Moon Selena in Gemini: General Impact

White Moon Selena in Gemini offers a shield of protection for our thoughts, intentions, viewpoints, and interactions. There is a noticeable ease in the flow of conversation, allowing us to express our thoughts more openly.

When it comes to learning, we have a heightened sense of protection towards learning institutions, teachers, students, and various methods of teaching, writing, or speaking. Facilitating the most suitable course of action to acquire knowledge and foster personal development is possible.

Under the influence of Gemini, we can focus on enhancing our relationships with younger individuals, communities, and neighbors, allowing us to strengthen our connections. We can enhance our care for the younger generation and our immediate surroundings. Now is an opportune moment to engage in community activities and lend a helping hand to your neighbors.

Transit (moving) It is worth noting that Jupiter recently entered Gemini, and it will take a few weeks for them to align on November 4th, 2024, at 20 degrees Gemini. Riding with Selena can provide helpful and expansive energy, as Jupiter is known as the happy planet. We may experience a heightened sense of good fortune, as if the cosmic forces are aligning in our favor. This is particularly evident in our thoughts, strategies, discussions, and educational pursuits.

The Gemini Full Moon on December 15th, 2024, is in alignment with White Moon Selena in Gemini. During Gemini Full Moons, there is a harmonious connection between our emotions and our intellect. It is a time when we can express ourselves honestly and authentically, sharing our thoughts and feelings openly. Additionally, we have a heightened ability to perceive the true intentions behind people’s words. When the Full Moon aligns with Selena, it brings a sense of protection to our significant conversations and exciting discoveries.

White Moon Selena in Gemini Aspects:

White Moon Selena trines (beneficial aspect) transit (moving) Pluto in Aquarius on June 25th, 2024, at 1 degree.

This aspect is considered beneficial and signifies a harmonious connection between these celestial bodies. Pluto, the planet of transformation, is currently in the early stages of its time in Aquarius, marking the beginning of a fresh cycle of life for all of us. The trine is considered a favorable aspect, making it easier for individuals to navigate towards their desired future. By adopting certain practices, we can enhance our sense of empowerment and security as we navigate through life. We have the ability to take charge of our ideas and plans, and we can reap the benefits by transforming them.

On July 29th, 2024, at 6 degrees Gemini, there is a conjunction between White Moon Selena and transit Mars.

When White Moon Selena aligns with Mars, it signifies a surge of energy and determination. This alignment empowers us to confidently pursue our goals and trust our instincts. One can proactively choose the correct path and approach the journey with great enthusiasm. It’s important for us to proactively safeguard ourselves.

White Moon Selena squares (challenging aspect) transit Saturn in Pisces on September 26th, 2024, at 14 degrees.

When Selena forms a challenging aspect with Saturn, it can bring about a sense of restriction and lessons. This may lead us to feel a lack of focus on our path, making it difficult to see clearly and causing us to question our desires. It is common to experience a sense of vulnerability, which can contribute to feelings of insecurity. Analyzing the current situation and identifying any valuable lessons is crucial.

White Moon Selena Squares transit Neptune in Pisces on December 25th 2024, at 27 degrees.

Neptune, known for its mysterious nature, is a planet that can bring about challenging influences. In this case, it creates a square aspect with Selena. Neptune may cloud our perception of our life’s direction for a variety of reasons. There can be obstacles that hinder our progress, and frequently, these obstacles originate from within our own thoughts. It seems that there may be some self-sabotaging behavior at play, and it would be beneficial to address and overcome any internal obstacles. It is important to stay grounded and maintain a realistic perspective. Establishing and maintaining healthy boundaries is crucial to prevent exploitation.

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