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Prosperity: The Power Of 5/5 At 5:55

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by Athena | Sage Goddess

It’s May already, and if you’ve been sowing your seeds of prosperity, now is the time to see them sprout and flourish.

The Great Wheel is propelling us forward into a future which holds infinite possibility from the Universe. Can you feel the energy rising? This is a time of great anticipation marked and honored by our ancestors since the beginning of time.

The month of May represents prosperity and abundance. May is the fifth month of the calendar year, and five is the number of money. Five is the number of the four elements and four directions plus Spirit; it is the number of leaves on the stems of many of the money-drawing herbs, as well as a sacred number in nature that creates a perfect star.

The dynamic energy of five calls for constant shifting and changing, so you may adapt and go with the flow to call forth the energy of abundance. Emerald, the birthstone of May, is a natural money and attraction gem. Are you ready to step into your abundance and prosperity?

Money exists first in the etheric realm as an energy, then manifests in the material realm. All you wish for is already there, waiting in the ether. But your goals cannot be achieved when you have blockages in place to prevent them from coming to you. These blocks can be literal or figurative. Most blocks, in fact, are mental. Imagine possibility.

Big, infinite, beautiful, intoxicating possibility. Anything you dream doesn’t come close to what the Universe can create through you if you get out of the way and start believing. When doing any manifestation work, it’s important to have the vision and to be able to hold that vision for exactly what it is you want.

It is also just as (if not more) important to first express gratitude for all that you already have. When the Universe hears you acknowledging your blessings, you are always more likely to attract more of what you seek into your life. You are wise, you are well, you are powerful, you are loved, and you are wealthy.

Through A World of Magic, my 2018 class curriculum, we are exploring the spirituality of ancient civilizations. Corresponding with the prosperous month of May, we are immersing ourselves in Mayan customs and rituals. Rituals of renewal were common in the Mayan civilization. Ancient Mayans believed in the cycle of life, ever-maintaining the balance of Divine energy. We translate their intentions into the rituals we perform today.

One way we do this is by carrying out prosperity rituals. Ancient Mayans would literally burn away the old every 40-50 years, sacrificing their homes and beloved possessions, to release attachments and make space for the new.

Maya was a prosperous civilization, and they reached that state through balance – not just in the physical realm, but spiritual as well. How can we do this for ourselves? Prosperity comes from releasing your attachments to make room for the new. You can forgive those who have harmed you. You can let go of things, patterns, or relationships, that aren’t serving you.

You might literally clean out closets, and donate your belongings so that someone else can receive what they need. Once you feel you’ve made room for new things to flow, actively practice gratitude. The more you’re thankful, the more you will receive things to be thankful for. Ask, believe, receive.

The sequence of 555 denotes a time of life choices, major change, and opportunity. When you set an intention on 5/5 at 5:55, you can use this positive energy to your benefit. It’s a time of major manifestation and money magic. This is a call for you to come into alignment with your greater purpose. It’s time to become more active and co-create your destiny.

Join us for our Online Prosperity Meditation on 5/5 at 5:55, as we tap into the ancient Mayan wisdom, and invoke more balance and prosperity in our lives. You can find it on our YouTube channel here!

To help you make the most of the positive energies abounding this month, I’ve created a 5/5 Prosperity Set. Tap into your full potential of attracting abundance, and solidify the intention you aim to set. Are you ready to open the gates of abundance?

I can’t wait to see what unfolds for you. May it be bigger and better than anything you’ve imagined.

Blessings of abundance,

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