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The Sun Enters Aries March 20th And Gives Your Passionate Side A Kick

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by Conscious Reminder

On 20th March, the sun will be moving into Aries. Mercury is also going to be in the sign towards the last days of the Sun in Aries, so get ready for a push and pull energy ruling over your minds.

There will not be any sugarcoating present anymore – our communications would become a lot more direct. Aries believes that things need to be done fast.

However, Mercury retrograde is still going to be taking place, so there will be certain things that are not going to be clear as of now.

However, you can use the energy of the retrograde to organize yourself and start getting things done. It does not mean that this retrograde will block us from moving ahead. Especially since the Sun in going to be in a fire sign. 

Aries control our passionate side – it fuels our inner fire. It will draw all the raw emotions in us and put it into our flame of desire. However, this fiery passion can make us a bit aggressive.

We might even start to manipulate others as we try to climb up the ladder of our desire. First of all, it’s fine to be aggressive and bold when you are pursuing your dreams, but we should always try to consider the feelings of another person too.

The thing is Aries requires an outlet. It’s full of temper. So, here are a few ways in which you could create an outlet for the Aries energy:

Creative Outlet

The Sun was in Pisces, a water sign, but now it will slip into a fire sign, Aries. It’s a major leap and will make it really emotional. However, we should realize that this energy requires an outlet.

We can go for exercise or try to improve our health by choosing any kind of creative outlet that will help us to be stress-free. It is necessary to channel our passion through some outlet.

If we don’t, then we might get obsessed with a single person and that would result in a huge dynamic change that will take place. It is unhealthy to smother another person just because of our lack of passion. So, we should try to use the energy of Aries to find a purpose in our lives.

If you are finding it difficult to find any purpose in your life, then look at your astrology chart. Find your strength and then, direct it to some major cause in the world which you believe should be remedied. Fight for human rights, animal rights, education, equality, etc.

Don’t be Reactive

Since Aries is going to make you aggressive, it is time for you to focus on some productive things rather than becoming a horrible person. Start to focus on your goals and think properly so that you could identify what your goals are. Don’t go out picking fights with other people because that is in no way productive.

Energy cannot be destroyed – but it can be channeled. So, make a list of goals and hang them in a place where you can spot them easily. Now, try to find a proper time to fulfill these goals and adopt an outlet which will help you de-stress and move towards that goal.

So, channel your passion productively. It is also necessary to be calm as well, so an oil diffuser or a good playlist can make your life stress-free. Calmness is a marker of great personalities as it helps creativity.

Finally, find what fires your soul and just go for it. Read some books on it, or find a workshop. Don’t go about suppressing your desires.

This is the best time to unleash it through the proper outlet. When you suppress your passion, you get depressed and angry and empower the negative side of Aries. So, breathe and let the good side of passion rule.

Be passionate and go for your dreams. It will be a great adventure for you.

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