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Tonight’s New Moon Is Perfect For Healing Wounds & Starting New

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by Conscious Reminder

The sensible Virgo New Moon is aligning with the Spirit Sun, making revitalization, recovery, and restoration focal themes.

This lunation will offer many methods of healing wounds, be they spiritual, psychological, emotional, or physical. This moon also features a final sparkle from the sacred 6-pointed star.

Dreams can provide great inspiration for healing, so can poetry, art, dance, and music. In a lot of shamanic societies, it is believed that stories, dancing, singing, and being comfortable with silence symbolize the presence of the soul. They are the universe’s 4 healing salves.

Now is when those salves should be applied. However, remember to treat yourself reasonably. Make adjustments as required to lifestyle, diet, daily exercise, helpful tonics, and most importantly, prioritizing a positive mindset – we should be able to be happy with our present situation.

Trust What Your Intuition Tells You

The new moon’s spiritual meaning has everything to do with psychic ability, self-awareness, excitement, and positive change. It is also joining an asteroid and a star, both of which have a relation with prophetic ability.

So the Virgo New Moon is an excellent time to trust your intuition. It will let you make the most out of conditions that are rapidly changing.

This time is for trusting and having a deep connection to the Source. Now, we can step forward gracefully in areas that may have been troubling earlier.

Activating and trusting our knowledge will be our guide moving forward. This is also the time for cutting free of all cords binding us down, and letting freedom fly.

However, come September’s end, all alienation will be maturing into extremely beneficial self-sufficiency.

We will be able to not only look after ourselves but for other strays and waifs as well. We may be providing temporary shelter to those who are experiencing a tough transition in life. Outsiders can present a cosmic home.

The phases of the moon will have an effect on our emotions, body, and mind. Emotionally, we will be extra sensitive and shy.

Mentally, be prepared for new ideas and sudden insights. Physically, we will be sleeping less. We might also have a bigger appetite as well as bursts of energy.

A Blank Canvas To Work With

The Virgo New Moon will bring a period of balance and calmness. At the same time, it will also offer acceptance and energy to believe that everything is achievable.

New Moons are also known as Seed Moons since they are periods of new beginnings and sprouting. Use the time for setting purposeful seeds for the next moon cycle. Rituals for new moons are the best methods of doing this.

The dark night is essentially a blank canvas. The seeds planted gradually grow as the moon gradually becomes full. This is not a period for rushing. All wishes made now have great force behind them.

As we approach the year’s last part, you will feel a need to do something significant. You will want to stand up for your truth or do the greater good. You may also remember the water’s power flowing inside you.

This water is the same as all other waters in the world – they are ever-flowing, creative, empowering, and compassionate. It always creates or finds the correct path.

Make a timely start so that you can end the year while having a clear idea of your intentions. Pulling our energy inwards is going to be important so that we can express our greatest love.

We hope this shining light will make others shine brighter as well.  

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