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Tonight’s Full Moon In Cancer Offers A Gentle Farewell To 2020

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by Conscious Reminder

2020 is soon going to come to a conclusion and we are on the verge of witnessing the penultimate full moon on 29th December.

This final full moon of 2020 is going to occur in the loving and gentle zodiac sign of Cancer. So we are here to issue a note of caution to everybody that this is going to be a very emotional ride.

Lisa Stardust, an astrologer, has stated that the December full moon is going to offer a big emotional release to us. This outlet is exactly what is required for us to bid goodbye to the long and emotional ride that we experienced throughout this year.

Narayana Montufar, a senior astrologer of Astrology.com, has pointed out the presence of a total of 4 luminaries in the zodiac sign of Cancer in 2020. She further added that this energy of Cancer is the kind that was wanted as well as required by us all along. Montufar has also said that this full moon will provide an opportunity of getting the long-awaited closure. This closure will help us put things behind us at once and enter the new year of 2021 with a fresh start.

Let The Bygones Be Bygones In 2020

Full moons are the ideal time for endings, bidding adieu, and putting things of the past in the past. Although several of you are probably prepared to escort this waning year out of the door, most of the farewell will prove to be much more difficult than you expect it to be. As a result, it is wise to take proper care of yourself before anything else. Try to remain close with the loved ones along with prioritizing self-care and spend some quality time with yourself.

According to Leslie Hale, a psychic astrologer from Keen.com, this lunation is the ruler of Cancer. She has also said that similar to the full moon, the feelings of people may also fluctuate at this time.

People born under Cancer or have a moon or sun sign are used to dealing with these rollercoasters of emotions and these feelings are not a big deal for them. However, these fluctuations are bound to be tough to handle.

Cancer is known to be extremely emotional and its intensity seems to overwhelm many people or make them impatient. Hale says that they must strive to be alert and attentive. Taking things slowly and taking time to heal will also be helpful.

Montufar has said one key benefit of this Cancer lunation is that it might not be as powerful as the ones we have already experienced. From 2017 most of the Cancer moons had an intense impact from the Saturn present in Capricorn.

Nonetheless, Saturn has exited from Aquarius and we can eventually have a Cancer full moon without the restrictive and unemotional presence of Saturn.

Montufar continues by saying that both the sun and moon will form a T-square with the Chiron in Aries who is the Wonder Healer.

This alignment indicates the requirement to be concerned about an old wound that probably has not fully healed yet and needs some close attention. Stardust adds that this configuration might mend the past problems with others and help us let go of them.

2020 has taken many things from us including jobs, friendships, loved ones, and normalcy. The energy from the full moon will help us heal these losses and mend our broken spirit. Additionally, Uranus in Taurus is accompanied by upbeat vibes for all the signs.

The obstacles seem to be removed from our path and new opportunities present themselves as we bid goodbye to 2020 and enter the brand new year of 2021.

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