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Emotions Change, Don’t Base Your Relationship Only On Them If You Want It To Last

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

It is very important to determine that your lover loves you for the person you are and not what they are feeling at a particular point of time.

It is necessary because relationships can end up very quickly if they are solely based on what a person feels at a specific point of time which can easily be over in moments.

That shouldn’t, in any way determine how you establish a relationship, or how you maintain it in the long run. A relationship needs emotions, true, but it needs love and values and a whole other host of things.

Emotions are feelings that don’t stay for long. One moment, we might be head over heels in love with them, but the other moment, we might be cursing their existence.

This difference in emotions doesn’t mean that you would deny their presence in your life, and let go off a relationship that was blooming into something beautiful. Emotions should be kept away from love because it harms every party involved.

Thus, it should be determined by every partner in this relationship, that love should triumph over all, and not paltry emotions that have the ability to spoil someone’s life.

Love, when it starts, brings forward attractions that we as human beings are conditioned to feel. But that moves away quickly, and should not be considered as love.

These are temporary impulses that are secreted by hormones, and have nothing on real feelings that develop into love. Simply put, our feelings can change as quickly as the wind direction on a Monday morning.

But what needs to be understood is that such feelings not only are mere emotions that are subject to change, but are also increasingly recurring in nature.

So what you are feeling for your partner right now, could be felt like you in the year 2042. You might as well not consider that as love, but as mere passages of time.

A real relationship depends on trust, and values. The values one feels from their partner, the vibes one generates, that is important to maintaining a relationship.

Emotions are integral, and yet they are not as important as anyone could think them to be, when it comes to the purest form of a relationship, that being together with each other. Then values come into play, more so than anything else.

Relationships are hard work. You can’t just throw them away, for they are important, and have an impact on your life, even if you think they don’t.

With that in mind, it is silly to deal with such an important event in your life, with something like emotions that can change in the blink of an eye. Challenges are always there in a relationship, and at times, you feel like letting it all go around the block, and breaking up.

That is the truth. It is time to believe that you can do it, if you want to. But, focusing on emotions to fight your battles do not yield the results you think it does. It needs your time, your struggle and your investment, for being in love with the 6th person in ten days, it means you are governed by your emotions and you need something that isn’t as faulty as emotions. You need something strong.

The truth is, one needs a strong vibe from the other person, that is also dependent on the other person’s values, and how well would he aligns himself to your values, and how well your partner responds to situations, events, and the basic fact, that he isn’t governed by his emotions and truly loves you.

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