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Valentine’s Day Horoscope: Will Your Zodiac Sign Be Hit By Cupid’s Arrow?

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

For those who are a fan of the romantic holiday, the cosmos has a lot of pleasant surprises for you.

Mars and Venus, the cosmic lovers of legend are right beside each other. So expect a bunch of chances to flirt, date, and maybe even commit to the long term. Plus, this energy will be present even in the following few months.

So, with that said, here is the horoscope for the zodiacs for February 14th:


It’s going to be a fun time for you. Even if work has been keeping you busy, you are prepared to celebrate. If you already have a bae, then plan a spectacular date. If you are searching for one, then this will be a great time to get out there. The Moon will be helping you.


Your bedroom is heating up, so it will be a great time to simply stay in. You can try out some sexy role-playing along with a candlelight dinner to get an extra dose of fun. For the single one, plan a friendly gathering night to watch some sappy romantic comedies.


The focus may be on conversations for the day. But you like it that way. But, if you have been together for some time, then some conversations can be serious. But if you are single, then you may suddenly have an urge to connect with someone on the level of the soul.


You may have a memorable day. You might see one of your relationships reach the next stage. On the other hand, if you prefer being solo, then that could be about to change. You may also be partnering up for some lucrative business.


You may be extremely busy but make sure to not miss the day’s celebrations – regardless of the status of your relationships. Since the Moon is currently in your sign, you will most certainly catch the feels. One thing: if you get a sudden text from your ex, try to remember why they became your ex.


The night is set to be an incredible one for you. If you are single, then this will be THE night to get out to play your heart out. For the committed ones, perhaps try re-enacting some of the very first times you guys hung out?


The present vibes of the cosmos are strongly urging you to stay at home – and honestly, you prefer it that way. It seems like you have worked a lot on making the space appear gorgeous. So think of this as a chance to show it off – to your friends or your bae.


This February 14th, the spotlight is going to be on you. So expect a great night out, if you do decide to go out. Grab your bestie or your bae and reserve the trendiest restaurant for a luxurious dinner. You will be seeking out both conversation and attention due to the Leo Moon.


The Leo Moon will ask you to try out unusual things. The day’s highlights will be storytelling and communication. So surprise your friends or partner as you visit memory lane and talk a bit about your awesome travels.


The cosmic lovers are residing in your sign – this means a chance of a fresh commitment. Or, at the very least, potential prospects are paying serious attention to you. Whatever you do on the night, spend some time celebrating your progress.


On February 14th, the Sun (in Aquarius) and the Nodes of Destiny will connect. So karmic and fated events are a certain occurrence. Be attentive towards the connections and people that appear during this period – they may be extremely meaningful.


You encounter romance when you are with people who have the same mindset as you. If you are in the search for love, you can expect an introduction. On the other hand, your present relationship is the ideal example for everyone.  

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