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The Astrological Significance Of The September Equinox 2022

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by Conscious Reminder

More time was spent outside by the first people than it is now. They used the sky as a calendar and a clock at the same time.

The course of the sun across the sky, the duration of the day, and the position of sunrise and sunset could all be seen to change predictably over the year.

Every equinox and solstice is now recognized as an astronomical event. It results from the Earth’s perpetual orbit around the sun and tilt on its axis. The tilt of the Earth is 23 1/2 degrees. Thus, during the year, the Northern and Southern Hemispheres of Earth alternate in whose region receives the most direct sunlight and warmth.

When the tilt of the Earth’s axis and Earth’s orbit around the sun coincide in such a manner that the axis is tilted neither away from nor towards the sun, we experience an equinox twice a year in the spring and fall.

Around the equinox, the sun’s rays are distributed roughly equally between Earth’s two hemispheres. As seen from the equator, the sun is overhead at midday. Day and night are roughly equal.

What To Expect From The September Equinox 2022

Naturally, Earth’s orbit around the sun never stops. These days of roughly equal daylight and darkness will end soon. The Autumn Equinox often occurs on September 22, whereas the Spring Equinox typically occurs around March 23. It will therefore take place this year on Sept 23, when our Sun approaches the constellation of Libra.

The first week of fall will also be celebrated. The beginning of Libra Season coincides with the September equinox. Libra is the sign of the horoscope that is closely associated with establishing balance and the right amount of receiving and giving in our lives.

The individual within the other, or more simply, the person we become through the various relationships in our lives is another symbol of Libra. The Autumn Equinox would be the ideal time to rebalance your life. Those struggling with life’s challenges may, at last, find their footing. This phase may feel as though nothing is working well for you at first, but as you get going, things may begin to go your way.

During the autumnal Equinox, the Sun will reach Libra. You could be able to revisit those wonderful occasions at this point since the difficult phase will pass. It is now time to achieve spiritual harmony and peace within oneself.

Finding the right balance between energy and work during the Equinox is crucial because you are spiritually compelled to do so to make sure that you give the various aspects and areas of your life the attention they require.

The Sun, which powers human lives, is the most important energy source in the universe. Because of this, it is important to appreciate the Sun and show appreciation for everything that it gives to us. Six main planets are in retrograde during the Sept 2022 Equinox, which has served as the universe’s invitation to pause, renew, and reevaluate how we use our energy.

Mercury traveling in retrograde manages to line up with the Sun during the day of the Equinox, meeting it at the Sun’s power-point at 0 ° of Libra. The Sun and Mercury’s energy are amplified and fused when they are close to each other in this power-point. This has the potential to increase our clarity and illumination while also bringing to the surface everything that has been concealed in the darkness.

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