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How Will January 2021 Help Us Test The Waters Of The New Year?

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by Conscious Reminder

After an unpredictable year filled with rare cosmic events, we have stepped into another intense year.

While the last year brought many changes on the personal and global levels, 2021 will be more calm and stable. January will have a few exciting events in the second half, including the first Mercury Retrograde of the month. Let’s see what else awaits us!

Mars In Taurus: 5th January

For the second half of 2020, Mars was in Aries. On 5th January, it will shift to Taurus, and many conflicts and delays from last year will come to an end. Mars spent quite a long time in Aries, and we had plenty of lessons, especially with the Retrograde thrown in. Now it is time to move forward.

New Moon In Capricorn: 12th January

The New Moon will be rising in Capricorn this 12th at 23 degrees. In January 2020, the Saturn-Pluto conjunction also took place in this degree. Past wounds from this time might resurface. We might also receive new insights related to government restrictions and the pandemic.

This Moon will help us gain a fresh perspective where we can access new information. This will be a great time to start ambitious plans with the energy of Capricorn blessing us. This energy can be used to fuel rebirth and growth. Make sure you draw up new goals and plans for the first New Moon of the year!

Mars-Saturn Square: 13th January

The last and final Mars-Saturn Square will be happening this month and bringing some closure to the previous events. Heightened tensions and old wounds reopening can be expected around this time. The people can go against the establishment too. This tense energy can also work to motivate and strengthen us.

Uranus Direct: 14th January

After a long Retrograde phase, Uranus is finally turning direct on the 14th. With this, all the major planets will be out of their Retrograde phase, at least for a while. For most of 2020, we have been in the shadow of Retrograde energy of one planet or the other. So before Mercury turns Retrograde by the end of the month, make the most of this small window where all the major planets are direct and sending positive vibes.

Jupiter-Uranus Square: 17th January

When the planet of expansion squares the planet of change, rebellious energy will flow. Expect new insights and information to surface that will require us to make swift changes. This energy can also be used for awakenings and seeing things from a better perspective. With a new vantage point, the things we look at will also change.

Sun In Aquarius: 20th January

It is believed that the end of 2020 ushered in the Age of Aquarius, where technological advancements and humanitarian efforts will take the center stage. Now, as the Sun shifts to Aquarius this month, the energies will be all the more palpable. Use the healing energy of Aquarius to look after your community. Let it cleanse you and push you towards the higher collective.

Full Moon In Leo: 28th January

As the Full Moon rises in Leo on the 28th night, the Sun will align with Jupiter. Together this will create positive energy that reverberates throughout. For your Full Moon ritual, don’t forget to call upon the abundant energy of Jupiter. While most of it will be bright and positive, there will be some wildcard energy as well. Don’t let your ego get the better of you. If you receive new information, don’t let it throw you off-course. Use the overall energy to embrace your leadership qualities and step out.

Mercury Retrograde: 30th January

January 2021 will witness the first Retrograde of the year on the last day. This Retrograde will be active till 20th February, which will give us some to slow down and reflect. Think about the things you are already dealing with, instead of adding more to the mix.

January 2021 will mostly be a positive month, and hopefully, this energy will spill over in the rest of the months. Make the most of this time!

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