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Embrace The Season Of Leo To Live Freely & Be Yourself

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by Conscious Reminder

As the Sun moves from zodiac to zodiac, every sign feels the energy of that particular zodiac in them.

And when it comes to Leo, one of the three fixed signs, the energy is all the more focused and sharp. Fixed signs are ones that aren’t hesitating to stake out what’s theirs, and fix their name on it.

When a Leo comes into the room, every eye is on them. The extremely potent energy is visible to all, as they come with the glitz and the glam of someone fully confident of themselves.

Leo’s biggest strength this season would be their ability to express themselves out loud, but it might bring in as many haters posing as admirers. But, a bit of drama isn’t really unnecessary to prove who’s boss, right?

Here are 5 ways Leo Season can help you come out of your shell:

1. Be A Bard

The entire world is a giant big podium, and how you use it is going to decide who you are. You might be praised or booed, but you need to hold your own, and speak your mind out. Highlight your talents, but remember, there is no ‘I’ in a team. Don’t get over indulgent in your personal drama so you steal someone’s thunder. Everyone has a role to play, and as a leader, it is your duty to see everyone does that.

Also, make your points interesting. Tell stories, write poems, express yourself and bring the author out of you.

2. Own It

You are beautiful- own it. This season, bring out your fashion statement to the world. Make a statement- show what you are truly going for. Choose a hairstyle, renovate your wardrobe, maybe get a tattoo – do whatever you want to get that signature look. Also remember, it isn’t a dictatorship – no one can dictate what you want. So, choose as per your liking. Choose whatever gives you comfort, luxury, and yet makes a statement.

3. No Complications

Don’t complicate on your part and ask others to keep it simple. Things will get tough and negotiations would get trickier than an anaconda’s death grip. But instead of falling into theatrics, keep your point simple, and easy. Don’t go around complicating things.

4. Enjoy

The most important part of this entire Leo Season is having fun. Enjoy yourself- don’t take yourself so seriously. In fact, a wise man once said, ‘Never take life too seriously, you will never get out alive.’

Try to live young. Throw parties, go on dates, reignite love, do everything that you did a decade back. Your Sun is the 5th house of playfulness, so why not just do anything that gives you that kick? Don’t care about society- this time is all about you. Live it.

5. Don’t Let Ego Rule You

Very important point. Your freedom of expression shouldn’t curtail someone else’s. So, don’t think that the world revolves around you. Know your place in the world. Make a statement and stick to it, but don’t shove your opinion down someone’s throat. That would be bullying and you don’t want to be that.

Anyway, have a blast this Leo Season. And enjoy to the fullest. The time is here, now, and it has come to stay.

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