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Cutting Unnecessary Contact With People Can Quickly Restore Your Energy

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

If your health, business or energy are in decline, try reducing the number of contacts.

Yes, communication is undoubtedly necessary and useful.

Meetings, conversations, correspondences – they all connect us with the surrounding world. However, the excess of communication is no less dangerous, than its complete absence.

Each contact we make with people, results in emotional spending, on both sides. We communicate with our close ones without putting an extra effort – in front of them we are our own selves. They know us, our character, our habits, our personal views and the way we live.

With strangers, even it they are good people, we try a lot harder. Such communication can be draining because we are spending energy to maintain a good posture, speak correctly and politely, follow the intonation, pay attention to what they are saying and reply, and be patient.

However, tête-à-tête communication is not the only way we get drained. Every contact takes away a little bit of our strength and energy. A constantly ringing phone and alarm can even cause depression.

Visiting events that are not of any use to you, never ending small talks, conversations about what the other person is interested in, correspondence out of curtesy – they all cause you, at the end of the day, to feel terribly fatigued. Even if you didn’t do any work and just kept the communication going, it will suck you dry.

And then chronic tiredness turns into chronic exhaustion. The diagnosis? You have been poisoned with excess communication. The cure? Communication reduction and extra self-time.

Keeping alive an empty conversation or listening to a long confession is not something you want to do. I know that not going to a meeting you were supposed to attend makes you feel uncomfortable, but what’s the point if it doesn’t serve you any good at all.

Reducing unnecessary contacts can quickly restore your energy. It will make it obvious who was feeding off of you – namely, these people will show an unusual desire to return everything “as it was”, to take you out of your misery and loneliness.

Your phone will be blaring from the calls for attention and all the “I am worried” messages. Cut these people off first!

Instead, spend more time with your close people or even by yourself. It will help you regain strength and restore your balance.

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