Heal Yourself With The Help Of These Holistic Healing Methods

by Conscious Reminder

Holistic healing methods provide us with a holistic point of view about a person that appears to be needing physical, spiritual, emotional, and psychological help.

We have compiled 8 such healing modalities that will provide you with holistic provisions.

1: Homeopathy

In case a person is in need of alternative therapy, they can always rely upon homeopathy. It unites all the advantages of medicines along with the rewards of treatments. Homeopathy intends to liberate the health of the patient by stimulating the vital energy present required to heal the patient.

In addition, the psychology involved in the self-healing process is met by homeopathy since it inspires the internal system to attain positive health.

2: Acupuncture

Another very beneficial alternative therapy is acupuncture that is recognized to help decrease the pain of the patient. It also improves energy issues with the help of the micro-opioid substances released. The needle encourages neurotransmitters and motivates a better circulation in the patient’s body.

3: Reiki

Arguably, the best alternative therapy is Reiki and helps in harmonizing the inner core. Through Reiki, the patient’s mind, soul, and body are attended to in a unified approach. The sick cells get the much-needed positive energy by re-energizing the good cells.

Reiki recalibrates the energy dissemination in the body. Reiki is done according to age and time. It is a powerful technique used by the Japanese to reduce stress, prompt relaxation, and cure illness and pain.

4: Memory Regression

Another popular alternative therapy is memory regression that proposes a close search through the patient’s memory that might be the reason for inducing disorder or illness. It tries to identify the root cause and work through those problems (emotional, physical, or mental) gradually.

5: Shiatsu

Shiatsu was developed around the 19th or 20th century in Japan. It mainly implements the use of pressure through hands and fingers at particular points on the body known as meridians. This Japanese therapy tries to control health problems including PMS symptoms, constipation, muscle pain, or regular flu.

6: Aromatherapy

This therapy includes the herbal branch of medication by using different kinds of aromas to treat the emotional and mental problems of the patients. Natural oils from various plants and herbs can control emotional imbalances, stress, or local pain with proper application.

7: Yoga

A popular form of practice to treat emotional and physical well-being is yoga. Meditation and physical exercise provide a better lifestyle. Many postural, sleep-related, blood circulatory and memory issues can be addressed through yoga.

8: Floral Medication

Remedies, essences, and elixirs are part of Bach Flowers medication process that is once again regaining popularity and confidence among people. These medicines are made from mature plants, flowers, shrubs, and water springs. The essences were made from 1928 to 1936 by Edward Bach, an English immunologist, homeopathy, and bacteriologist.

He categorized 7 emotional groups that can be treated with 38 flowers. He identified 7 human defects like greed, selfishness, cruelty, gluttony, mental imbalance, ignorance, pride, and hatred. These can be balanced with joy, certainty, love, hope, peace, wisdom, and faith.

Bach floral medicine can combat and ease post-traumatic stress. The specialized apothecaries in this field prefer to identify the issue in the patient before applying any medication. Even modern specialists suggest allopathic medication in combination with psychological therapies.

Floral medicines do not interfere with or hamper modern diagnosis, rather they alleviate them. However, patients and specialists must be careful with the simultaneous usage of the approaches. So we advise you to consult with specialists before implementing floral medication.

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