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Mercury Retrograde ( AGAIN ), May 10th/June 3th, 2022: Right In The Heart Of The Eclipse Portal

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‘Tis the retrograde season.

Ancient astrologers believed when Mercury was retrograde it was traveling through the underworld, uncovering hidden messages, lost intuitive insights, and higher truths.

For this reason, it was suggested to wait before signing contracts, booking travel, and making big life decisions when Mercury was in retrograde, as when Mercury eventually emerges with all these hidden messages, we would have a higher understanding of the truth and a new perspective on how to proceed forward.

Today, many believe Mercury Retrograde is an unlucky time of year of miscommunications and mishaps, but we can just think of it as a different energetic expression. Mercury ebbs in and out of retrograde at least three to four times a year, it’s natural, it’s normal, and the Universe within us always knows how to follow its rhythm.

Mercury Retrograde can become a challenge when we are impatient, have a lot of mental clutter, ignore our intuition, push forward without all the facts, fail to communicate clearly, or try to mess around with technology!

It is also important to remember that whenever we experience the effects of Mercury Retrograde, it is often a sign that we need to pay attention to.

Mercury Retrograde wants us to slow down, it wants us to pause, it wants us to listen to our subconscious and intuition. So many of us are always in a rush, with a constant slew of thoughts racing through our mind, which is why it can be hard to pause and really pay attention to the messages that Mercury is trying to unearth for us.

When Mercury is in Retrograde, it is actually a good time to go back over things and review and reflect on the past. Old projects, even old relationships can sometimes come back into our lives under a Mercury Retrograde, usually because there is some unfinished business that needs to be resolved or a final lesson to be mastered.

Mercury Retrograde May 2022

The second Mercury Retrograde of 2022 begins on May 10th, right in the heart of the Eclipse portal. The Eclipse portal is already a sensitive time, so having Mercury dip its toes into the underworld during this window will heighten our sensitivity.

As Mercury is the ruler of the mind, we may also feel any mental fogginess intensifying. We may find it hard to really make sense of how we feel, what we think, and what our intuition is trying to communicate with us.

For this reason, we have to move slowly, be patient, and use this energy to pause before rushing ahead. Eclipses tend to guide us to the next best step anyway, so this is really a period of surrender and trusting the flow.

The Blood Moon Eclipse on May 15, is all about ending and closing a cycle, and Mercury Retrograde may assist us in this process by unearthing deeper insights and intuitive messages. On the surface, Mercury Retrograde can slow things down and create delays, but any extra time we are given can be used a gift.

Mercury will enter retrograde in its ruling sign of Gemini, which will also intensify its energies. By May 24, 2022, Mercury will be back in Taurus, and we may feel things settle a bit before Mercury stations direct again on June 3, 2022.

Keep in mind the day a planet goes retrograde and stations direct again are the most powerful for feeling into the energies.

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