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Tonight’s Full Moon In Virgo Is All About Change And Clarity

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by Conscious Reminder

The Virgo Full Moon starts on the 27th of February, 2021. To deal with all of the recent events, the energy as well as inclination is coming from Virgo Full Moon 2021.

Its gravitating energy puts all of us in a mood and mode where we can process, organize, sort, and clean.

The Saturn/Uranus Square from the past week has been heavy. It got disruptions and jolts. And the arrival of the Full Moon is the first step of dealing with all of them.

As several opportunities are flying around from it, and the Moon is just off the trine, & the Sun is just off the sextile, to the changemaker, Uranus, the impact of it all will now dawn on us.

We may have been through a lot recently. But the Virgo Full Moon 2021 is in full force, giving us the space and time for acknowledging these. It is also providing us with moments to express our emotions. Histrionics may not be as understandable because it is given as to what several people are enduring.

What Should We Do During The Virgo Full Moon 2021?

We should start looking for clarity when it comes to our feelings. Especially about specific events that have occurred. These feelings will then turn into to-do lists & and many more practical responses.

In theory, Virgo Full Moon is comparatively much less emotional. It is often considered that Virgo is harsh or more critical. It is due to its powers to let us analyze and evaluate. Because it also allows us to look for many ways to improve. It also helps us minimize chaos, reorganize things and draw boundaries, and maintain them.

Although this is beginning to soften recently. And the fault-finding may just be able to come through it all. But this time, it will be put, for sure, to fair utilization.

Other Traits Of Virgo

Many traits in the spectrum of Virgo have begun to soften. Kindness, creative inspiration, and gentleness have begun permeating all of our emotional crestings. The harvesting as well is occurring now.

The vibe that the Virgo Full Moon 2021 is carrying is of ‘togetherness.’ Hence, it is easier than ever to step into the shoes of others we have never understood. It will help us look at things from a different lens and show care and compassion.

This will help us feel the pain of others. And we will be able to carry out concrete actions in order to improve the situation they are in.

This also helps in improving our emotions. It helps us understand other people. And hence, it becomes easier to forgive as well. We could still have the line of underscore or separation. But we will forgive. It will also help us treat ourselves easily.

Venus And Virgo Full Moon 2021

Venus’ conjunction is radiating soothing qualities directly to Pisces’s Sun. It is an indication of the Venus Exaltation. Here, she manages to encourage and inspire the highest forms of art, love, devotion towards selflessness. These can be seen in the eyes of others.

The Full Moon of Virgo pits all of her wills against the critical eye of Virgo to forgive, give and connect. And bends the idea of enforcing boundaries. Each of the parties is tempered by this stand-off. If we lean towards an extreme of either side, the other will begin to pull us away.

The best way compared to every other is to treat all around us with kindness and love. But this shouldn’t result in hurting yourself. And to pull something where neither is harmed, and all are loved, can be understood from Saturn’s sextile towards Chiron. Ideas are also flowing around crazily.

There will be sifting & sorting. There will be several questions. Find their answers in your actions and reactions. This is a process. Dedicate your mind and heart to it. There is a lot more to put in throughout this year.

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