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This Weekend’s New Moon In Gemini Will Give You More Dreaminess Than You Asked For

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by Conscious Reminder

This May, the new moon will occur in Gemini. This means that communication would be our main focus.

Why? Gemini is known to be social – it will tap into our extroverted self. It’s time to talk to others and gain a new perspective. Something to make us think.

The new moon is all about beginning something. New moons are after all a beginning of a new lunar cycle. The same will take place this new moon, only it will happen in an atmosphere of blurs and haze.

While we will get chatty, there is something big happening underneath. Mercury is controlling Gemini. Mercury is the Messenger of Gods and also a trickster. This time, it will take up the latter role.

The Gemini season brings a few airy perceptions in our mind. During the Gemini New Moon, our perceptions are diffused and this makes it difficult for us to differentiate between imagined truth and actual reality.

Our non-rational side will become our chief guide. Plus, Gemini is making an aspect with Neptune, the dreamy and fantastical. It will give potency to all the illusions that your mind weaves during this time.

And then, the Moon is opposing the expansive Jupiter too. The king of the Gods has the talent to make everything overly dramatic.

Any potential starts to grow when there is an ongoing tension that takes place between Neptune and Jupiter. It’s not always bad to lose your mind in dreams.

There is a lot of creative potential and it will help you take up pending creative works. You can even be a short-term escapist. And sometimes, this creative escapism – answering the question ‘What if?’ – can bring its own unknown fruits.

But be cautious. Mercury is currently at the end of the constellation Gemini and is going to change signs on 4th June.

This brings a question- what shall the new beginnings bring? Don’t be too hopeful though – everything doesn’t lead to something great or meaningful.

The loose links of Neptune and Jupiter will be tightening up. As the new moon starts growing, Jupiter and Neptune will form a T-square which will try to bring out lies into the open.

It will make us a bit spiritual. While the moon enters the T-square, you will feel an upsurge of emotions which you can’t put down. After the square, you will be refilled with a sense of purpose and self.

During this time, Virgo will give some of its influence on the alignment and bring a little bit of rationality to you. Virgo loves to analyze first, build boundaries and work within those boundaries to bring improvement in one’s life.

Multitasking and chatting will go hand and hand. Just don’t lose out on reality checks once in a while. Cleaning up is also essential. Start with the kitchen.

Mars is in Cancer and so, it will be a magical source unleashing inspiration and tenderness on you. Mars will also move into the North Mode and then to Saturn- build up your rules and regulation during this period.

Saturn stays between the South Node and Pluto. They will bring out the memories of your past actions and behaviors, even if you left it behind.

Cleaning up is essential so that the past doesn’t pop up from the darkness, again. The Gemini New Moon brings family love too. So, add that ingredient in your interactions with any family member.

We had a similar alignment back in June of 2016. It is a grand alignment looking to unsettle you a bit. But it will help you grow. Just don’t resist it too much.

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