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After You Hit The Bottom, The Only Way You Can Go Is Up

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Sometimes, our worst moments will put our priorities into a perspective. Sometimes, our worst moments will make us realize we have to make some change.

Sometimes, our worst moments will be the turning points which may launch us into another direction.

In fact, when we hit the rock bottom once, we cannot lie to ourselves anymore. We cannot keep pretending that we are okay.

We cannot keep pretending that our ways of living are working. We need to make some adjustments. We need to step back, look at everything we were doing wrong, and taking the initiative.

When we find ourselves in nasty arguments with toxic friends or members of our family, it could be the real push we need in order to cut these people out of our lives forever.

When we have some problems with our boss we wanted to walk away from for many years, it could be our push needed to quit our job and also pursue our dreams.

When we break up with the one we thought we are going to spend our lives with, it could be our push needed to live on our own or move across our country.

Our worst moments could be quite hard to manage, but they may inspire the biggest and the most beautiful and useful changes. They may rocket our lives into an entirely new direction.

We shouldn’t look for silver linings the following time something terrible happens to us. We are permitted to mope, cry, scream, and even to curse.

We are permitted to be really upset about everything that happened to us. We are not supposed to skip the grief phase as it is a significant part of our process of healing.

However, once we have the capacity to wipe our tears away, and think quite clearly once again, we need to remind ourselves that this could be the worst possible moment of our lives, but that it is not our lives’ end too. This could actually be the start of our lives, and the moments when we start fresh or start over.

Our worst moments will give us the needed courage to go after what we have always wanted as there is nothing that we can lose. We might also take some risks. We might also take chances for ourselves. There will be nothing that will stop us anymore.

Losing our best friend or our boyfriend or also our job could be the worst possible thing which has ever happened in our lives. However, looking back, that worst thing could be the best one that has ever happened in our lives as well.

If we break up with a person now, we might open ourselves to meeting someone new, or the love of our lives in the near future. Losing our job might give us the chance to start working the job of our dreams in the near future too.

That, in fact, does not mean that recovering from our losses will be easy. We could have hard times between our present and our future where we are happier than ever before – however, it is significant to remember that the worst possible moments of our lives will inspire some of the most important changes.

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