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The Biggest Dos & Don’ts to Help You Make the Most of July’s Sentimental New Moon in Cancer

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by Conscious Reminder

Pay attention to how your emotions rise and fall.

As we enter the second half of 2024, July brings with it a new moon in Cancer that is both sentimental and sweet. As the Moon rises on Friday, July 5–6, take this opportunity to cultivate your relationships, aspirations, and dreams. This particular summer lunation is especially sensitive and heartfelt, so it will be easier to take advantage of the cosmic opportunities presented to you if you know how to work with the energy.

During this lunar reset, the Moon and Sun will align in Cancer, the zodiac’s cardinal water sign. During Cancer season, it’s recommended that you slow down and pay more attention to the interior landscapes of your home and heart rather than the external events unfolding around you. Now is a beneficial time to make room in your life to freely explore matters related to your private life, family relationships, or nostalgic memories. Now is the time to lean in close to the things that matter most to you in life. You have the power to bring the people, things, and aspirations that bring you joy and fulfillment closer to you now.

This lunation brings a particularly empowering flavor to the Cancer zodiac energy, which is typically sweet and cuddly. Take this as a reminder to find strength in your softness, as powerful planetary aspects are affecting the sun and moon.

Here are some rules for July’s new moon.

The biggest DOS during July’s New Moon in Cancer:

DO: Let Your Emotions Flow

Since the moon rules Cancer, the delicate influence of this Cancerian lunation may affect your moods, just as the moon’s face changes size and shape throughout the monthly lunar cycle. Feel the gentle ebb and flow of your emotions as a way to tap into the energy of the crab sign. Feelings pass, so instead of holding on to or resisting them, just let them flow through you, knowing that they aren’t permanent.

DO: Spend Time with Loved Ones

Cancer, the sign of the mother and the home, is thought of as an especially nurturing and caring zodiac sign. That’s why it’s a wonderful time to gather around the new moon with your closest companions, whether they’re blood relatives or dear friends. Gathering with loved ones for Fourth of July festivities is a wonderful opportunity to have meaningful conversations before this meaningful lunation reaches its peak.

DO: Accept & Embrace Your Past

The energy of this new moon may cause you to dwell on nostalgia and reminisce. You need a break, so do something that makes you feel like a kid again, like watching a movie from your childhood or listening to an old high school album. At this time, it may be very therapeutic to think back on your life and contact your younger self.

The biggest DON’TS during July’s New Moon in Cancer:

DON’T: See Weakness as Vulnerability

Cancer, being a water sign, may be known for being overly sentimental and naive. As an added bonus, it’s one of the four cardinal signs that indicate success in leading others, taking the lead, and trying something new. Its fragility isn’t a weakness at all! Under this new moon, there is nothing more empowering than letting your guard down and being completely honest about how you feel. Take responsibility for your feelings, stay authentic, and establish boundaries when necessary.

DON’T: Remain in Your Shell

During new moons, people often feel more introverted and less sociable than usual because of the time spent reflecting on their lives. You shouldn’t run from your truth at the moment, even though the crab sign makes you want to do just that sometimes. Be courageous and go toward the truth if you need to initiate a conversation with someone or recognize an underlying emotion trying to emerge. Even though it’s a dark moon, your needs will be highlighted.

DON’T: Be Passive About What You Love

Mars, the planet of war, and Saturn, the planet of rules, will form a favorable aspect to each other around the new moon, providing a significant boost of energy and inspiration that you can direct toward your objectives. The sun, moon, and Venus, the planet of love, will align with these two planets, infusing this otherwise delicate lunation with a sense of toughness and determination. The new moon will have a profound effect on your emotional health, but it will also encourage you to defend the things that matter to you and stand up for what you believe in.

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