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Tonight’s Libra Full Moon Will Help You Decide What You Need To Let Go Of

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by Conscious Reminder

The full moon of Libra is scheduled to take place on March 28th/29th, 2021.

It is accompanied by some splendid and high-powered energy that will serve as an agent for protection, harmony, and healing.

This Libra lunation will witness the alignment of the Sun as well as Venus, the love planet, and Chiron, the healer. In addition, the Moon is creating the perfect triangle placement with Mars and Saturn, popularly known as the Grand Trine. The full moon is also coming in close proximity to the Earth.

All these potent cosmic configurations lend strong energies to the March lunation and every person will feel the vibrations gushing through our soul and body.

To Look Back Is To Look Forward

The previous zodiac cycle of 2020 has been acutely difficult for the entire humankind as the planet witnessed a strange phenomenon and came face-to-face with the possibility of mass extinction. Nonetheless, things soon turned better. We must reflect on 2020 to take a lesson on our past mistakes in order to evolve and eventually gown.

Last year brought new experiences and unexpected emotional and mental challenges that have left a deep impression on us as a community. The full moon is ideal to acknowledge and embrace the changes and prioritize.

The diplomatic and graceful energy of Libra supports the balance between the past and the future, the old and the new, and beauty and the judgment. We must take this chance to understand what needs to stay while what must be let go of.

A Rainbow During Full Moon

The Sun is creating a unique alignment with Venus and Chiron. This astounding positioning will add a splash of colors to the full moon period.

Chiron is an asteroid and is embodied in the form of a wounded healer. Chiron also symbolizes the wounds that each man is born with and the ones we incur during our lifetime. However these wounds cannot be easily healed as they are not visible to the naked eye and influence our understanding and emotions.

Thus even though these wounds are painful, they are also integral to our development. They inspire us towards wisdom, strength, and compassion that manifests into expressing our authentic self. Consequently, these wounds inspire others to follow the same path of improvement as well.

Chiron is presently in Aries and reminds us to optimally utilize our wounds for self-development and fight our difficulties. The attendance of Venus relaxes the energy with love and grace.

This combination makes us realize the magnificence and splendor in each of us.

The Grand Trine

The other powerful alignment of the Grand Trine created by the Moon, Saturn, and Mars also adds sweetness to Libra lunation.

The perfect triangle devises the perfect trio of harmony, protection, and comfort for all. Grand trine has always been related to positivity because they are believed to bring an easy and charming direction to our lives.

Saturn and Mars are intense planetary bodies, bringing forth longevity, willpower, dedication, and motivation to overcome every obstacle. These ongoing difficulties have a possibility of resolving during this Grand Trine event with a positive approach, inner strength, and wisdom.

Grand Trines usually take place with minimal effort as they naturally give rise to solutions and answers to complicated questions that have been repressed behind our minds. Hence this cosmic event will be rewarding and bring great success to several projects and ambitions.

Word of Advice

Full Moons often symbolize harvest and finishing points. Therefore, we might find ourselves inching closer to the end of a prolonged journey. This March lunation will act as a point of graduation that brings a cause to celebrate all we have achieved in the face of many stumbling blocks.

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