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Why The Universe Hasn’t Manifested Your Wish Yet

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by Dmitriy (Life Script Doctor)

Somewhere on the outskirts of the Universe, there is a little shop. It hasn’t had any sign on it for a long time. The sign was blown away by a hurricane sometime ago and the owner decided not to put a new sign on the shop since every local person knew that the shop was selling wishes.

The shop had a vast variety of things that you can buy:  huge yachts, penthouse apartments, marriage, vice-president position in a corporation, money, children, any kind of job, beautiful and slim body, winning in a competition, luxury cars, power, success and much more. The only two things that were not for sale were life and death – those products were managed by the head office that was in another Galaxy.

Everyone who came to the shop would find out about the price of their wish (just so you know, there were those who had their wishes but never visited the shop, they just stayed home and wondered how to make a wish come true without doing anything about it).

Prices were different. For example, the price for a job that you love was abandoning stability and predictability readiness to plan independently and structure your life, having faith in your own strength and allowing yourself to do what you are passionate about, rather than following orders from others.

For power and authority you would have to pay more: you would have to relinquish your own beliefs, you would have to be able to give a rational explanation to anything, you should know how to say “no” to others, know your own value (and it has to be pretty high), you should allow yourself to say “Me” and put yourself forward, you should make yourself known regardless of support or disapproval of those around you.

Some prices for making a wish come true seemed strange – you could purchase a marriage almost for nothing, however happy married life was very expensive: full responsibility for your own happiness, ability to receive joy from life, knowing your desires and what you want from life, abandoning eagerness to conform to others, the art of valuing what you already have, giving yourself permission to be happy, awareness of your own value and importance, rejecting the bonuses of being “a victim”, risk of losing some friends and those you know.

Not everyone who came to the store and wanted their wish to come true was ready to pay the price of the wish they wanted to manifest. Some would turn around and leave after they saw the prices. Others would stand for a long time contemplating and counting “cash” on hand while trying to come up with ways of getting extra resources.

Some would complain about the prices being too high, would try to get a discount or ask when the next sale is going to be. There were also those who would just take out all their resources in order to receive their cherished wish wrapped in a nice riffle paper. Other shoppers would stare with envy at the lucky customers and thought that they got their wish just because they knew the owner of the shop personally and since they knew the secret of how to make a wish come true, it was granted to them for free without much work.

The owner of the shop was asked to lower the prices many times in order to increase the number of customers. However, he would always refuse to do so because the quality of the wishes would suffer if the prices were lowered.

When someone would ask the owner if he was afraid to go bankrupt, he would always shake his head and say that throughout the time there will always be the brave ones, those who are ready to take the risk and change their life, those who would refuse to live an average and predictable life, those who believe in themselves, those who have the strength and energy to pay for making their wishes come true.

P.S. The door of the shop had a small poster that had been there for the last hundred years or even more: “If your wish did not come true – you didn’t pay for it yet

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