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Why Cats Are Said To Be Able To Tap Into The Spirit World?

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by Conscious Reminder

Although we generally don’t discriminate among our pets and love them equally, historically, cats have been enjoying a position of superiority amongst other animal companions.

Cats are not just loved and adored across countries and cultures; they are also revered by many. They are considered to be gifted and to share a connection with the paranormal; a connection which cannot be explained away with science.

They have supernatural skills, for sure. They show many abilities which are related to the paranormal that other animals, or even humans just can’t fathom. This is because their senses are much more acute and heightened than humans.

Take any sense. Be it that of smell or touch. A cat’s senses are so sharp and precise that they make a human look like a slow moving glob of mud. And when it comes to their sense of sight and that of hearing, they can only be considered supernatural.

Even if you take plain old science, a cat’s eyesight beats a human’s by a long shot. They can see even in the dimmest light because they can use the little or no light available to them and use it to discern things in the dark. But that’s not it.

Cats can also perceive energy fields and auras which cannot be seen by humans. This is true not just for the aura of the living, but also of those who have passed over to the next realm.

The auras of the dead ones, which humans can only vaguely understand, in the form of some bright light or unaccounted for shadow, can be seen as clearly by cats as we would see a table or a chair in front of us.

That is why, sometimes your cat stares intently at one spot, without moving or making a sound. They are able to see something or someone who is there and cannot be perceived by your senses.

The hearing of cats too is phenomenal in comparison to other species. If you think about it, you live in oblivion of pests like rats and yet cats can track their movement even from a considerable distance.

They are also able to hear paranormal sounds much more sharply. But perhaps the greatest relation between cats and the paranormal comes because of their ability to sense and even influence electromagnetic fields.

As any ghost busters or supernatural fan will tell you, electromagnetic fields and their variations are a very good source of detecting paranormal activities. Cats have the senses that pick up any change in electromagnetic field. This is true for sharks as well. These predators have these senses which help them hunt their prey better.

This just makes it easier for cats to tune in to any sort of supernatural activity. Those who research paranormal activity use devices to measure the EMF in order to find proof of an entity. The cat’s EMF sensing abilities are much more acute than any machine created by humans.

Not just that, their own life force is so potent that they can influence the electromagnetic fields. That is why having them around soothes you. That is the reason why they have such a calming presence.

How Cultures Perceive Cats

Egyptians considered the cats sacred and revered them even more than their priests. They were said to protect the soul even in the afterlife. The Chinese gave them equal status to a Goddess.

Even in the Japanese tradition, they are considered a symbol of luck and good fortune. Europeans associated cats with protection of life because they killed rats, the most nefarious pest credited with causing the bubonic plague.

There are countless more stories associated with cats that make them an animal full of mystique and charm.

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