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Aries New Moon Rising April 11th/12th: Time To Write History

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by Conscious Reminder

The New Moon of Aries is scheduled to take place on 11th/12th April. It brings forth strong energy for planning, manifesting, and beginning afresh. Aries is the foremost zodiac sign and the New Moon symbolizes a new lunar sequence.

This energy integrates and translates into potent waves of brilliance in our life, encouraging us to plant seeds, make changes, and start a new chapter.

The highest point of this phenomenon will see the moon being completely invisible. The night sky will be a clean black slate allowing the stars to shine brightly.

This black slate is also being presented to each person this April lunation and everyone can fill it with their respective desires and ambitions. Every person can let their creativity loose and achieve amazing success.

Heightened Abilities Will Attract Success

During this lunation, our talents will become heightened and will find ways to express them accurately. The ability to attract our deepest desires will increase threefold. The words, emotions, and choices will find new meanings and increase their influence.

Nonetheless, we must remember to use our words, choices, and thoughts correctly and cautiously. We can attract our desires by creating the right alignments.

In order to achieve this, we must eliminate all negative thoughts and solely focus on our true desires. Use your words carefully and present yourself in an authentic manner in front of others at all times.

At times, you might find yourself feeling self-limiting. Your mind might be filled with self-sabotaging thoughts. This calls for the moment when you must change your mindset to a more affirmative and positive approach.

Weeding out the adverse thoughts is always a difficult task but it becomes much easier and natural with time. Allow your mind to express openly during critical moments.

This requires a shift from thinking in a limiting way to an uninhibited way. This lunation will be accompanied by new opportunities for exploring new things.

A Cosmic Congregation

This lunation will be witnessing a powerful cosmic congregation of Mercury, Venus, Chiron Ceres, Eric, the Moon, and the Sun in the Aries. This is sure to create fiery energy that will stimulate progress and lay emphasis on our desires instead of our inhibitions.

Although fiery energy takes the form of impulsiveness at times, utilizing it correctly will open new, exciting avenues. The stagnancy in our life might be transformed into a proactive period of time.

There might emerge some situations that might need immediate action or take a leap of faith in order to push things forwards. We must remember that we are bestowed with cosmic support during such time.

In addition, this lunation is devoid of any important planetary body going in retrograde. This is an indication to further uphold the bold and impulsive choices.

Personal Choices & Repercussions

Venus and Pluto are very active throughout this April lunation. The Venus-Pluto configuration stimulates our relationships. It encourages us to question our present situation in life and make some choices to balance the power we possess.

We must take out some time to reflect on how power struggles have occurred in our relationships.

When the answers seem bleak, this lunation gives us a chance to opt for alternative choices that are better instead of going down the same path. Altering our choices might lead us somewhere different and better.

Venus-Pluto energy will intensify our emotions and leave us feeling more sensitive and in need of strong support from people around us. We might feel the need to reconnect with an inner self that is spiritually enlightened.

The most essential thing about this lunation is to fully enjoy this creative energy that courses through our minds. Additionally, we must recharge our spirits by spending time alone and focus on our mental well-being.

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