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To Attract Something, First You Have To Feel Like You Already Have It

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

You know that lump you feel in the throat when starting a new project?

You are full of doubts about its success, our your abilities, or whether you will disappoint the people you love. There are many things that go through your head and bother you.

Don’t stop dreaming

Before you take a step forward, imagine what you’d want your future to look like. As difficult or impossible as what we imagine may seem, it is worth a try; in fact, many actors, football players, scientists had the same doubts at some point in their lives.

And they started from scratch and gave their all to achieve their goals. However, before they reached them, they imagined them. It is certainly not easy to reach a goal, and to do so, it is necessary to tap into the fears you are carrying within.

Think big but act small. Baby steps. Have patience and ask for all the help you need, because those who love you will be proud to see you triumph and if you fail, they will appreciate you even more for overcoming your doubts and trying.

Think about it, if no one imagined it, today we would not have planes to fly to the other side of the world in a few hours, or rockets to explore the outer space or even phones and internet. They all came from an idea, so keep brainstorming and don’t give up on your goals.

When things go wrong, get up

When we imagine our ideal future, we are seldom aware of the length of the journey; besides being long, it will probably be full of obstacles. However, we better get going right away and take advantage of every lesson we learn.

Everyone heard the famous “no one said it would be easy” and in fact few things are easy to achieve in this world: life lessons also serve to make us stronger and value our efforts. Maybe this can be a matter of greater pride than achieving our goal.

Don’t give up and fight with all your strength: if you imagine your dream clearly, it will be easier for you to choose the steps to achieve it, even if you sometimes have to turn a little down the path. In the end, these are the things that test our talent, determining how much we are willing to take risks because of what we want.

Paint your life with imagination

You are ready: consciousness and willpower are the basis. The next step is to come up with a plan; take the time to do it with care and enthusiasm. Our way of thinking goes far, so if you imagine your goals from the beginning, your actions will be shaped around them. Enjoy the journey and the people who will come along, not forgetting the power of imagination over your actions and results.

Now start dreaming: take the first step, even if you feel it’s the scariest thing in the world. The moment you make it, you will be proud and laugh at that past self that did not have the courage to walk.

You are already closer to what you imagined, the secret is to keep walking and look ahead. When you least expect it, there will be no need to think about it, because you are already living it: it is your life, which you have formed with so much effort.

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