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Getting Up Early Won’t Make You Successful

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by Conscious Reminder

The early bird gets the worms, but who eats worms! If success was measured by the number of hours put in, then the people who toil and trudge through life would be the only ones to succeed on the planet.

The world’s most outstanding people have made it a habit to not let the clock dominate their work and their life.

They decide when they will start the day and how far they will go before calling it a day. They realize the importance of having enough steam to run through the course of the day.

It is not possible if you are working for somebody but if you are an independent business owner or a professional, you are the master of the 24 hours allocated to you.

And one yardstick doesn’t fit everyone. At the end of the day, it is all about how much you have accomplished in those 24 hours.


It is true that life doesn’t bring instant satisfaction. In life, you are forced to slog to just survive. Instant success doesn’t come easy. But it is all about pacing and planning about the day ahead.

You measure your success at the end of the day. It might be achieved in 6 hours or 12. The time spent becomes immaterial. All you have to do is go out there and make things happen rather than sit back and let it happen.

The Early Hours

The early birds vouch for the many advantages of early rising. You can plan and focus on the day ahead. Before the early morning becomes chaotic, you stay ahead that wee bit.

Though it doesn’t ensure success, you are at least a few paces ahead before the world wakes up.

The Late Risers

Waking up at inconsistent hours is a luxury that not everyone can indulge in. Almost everybody is bound to a fixed timing, even late risers. Waking up at erratic times can leave you exhausted at the end of the day.

You are drained, drowsy and done for half-way down the course and spend the rest of the day walking around like a zombie. You need to be sufficiently rested to be at your peak throughout the day.

If you can get all your work done even when you wake up at a later hour, then that’s what count. Late risers prefer the quiet of the night to work and that is good as well!

Those Who Made It

The successful have realized one vital thing. What matters for success is not how early you wake up; neither is it the number of hours that you have put in, though these things do matter. What really counts is how much you have succeeded in making the day count.

It is a unique privilege to wake up each day and walk on the surface of the earth and it is our sublime responsibility to use this privilege to succeed in life, one day at a time.

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