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Taurus Season Through Dates: Take Time To Contemplate

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by Conscious Reminder

Taurus Season this year is accompanied by huge planetary changes.  The Super Full Moon is expected to open the Pleiades portal, gearing us up for the upcoming Eclipse season.

2021 has been flying past us at a rapid pace. This is reflective of the planetary motion and activities that are happening throughout.

Our dreams and ambitions accomplished a huge impetus. And a previous couple of months have filled us with fiery enthusiasm. This motivation was destined. Life seems to be pushing us towards a new path in life.

2021 Taurus Season is upon us and the energies will begin to become slow. It demands us to stop and reflect on things that need closer attention. We are bestowed with an opportunity for deeper realization regarding the things we really need. Also the ones we need to let go of before moving forward.

Keep reading to find out more details about this astounding season!

The Sun Arrives At Taurus- 19/20th April

The arrival of the Sun in Taurus is scheduled to happen on the 19th or 20th of April. This encourages us to leave the fiery energy of Aries and become grounded with the help of the stable energy of Earth. Taurus represents a routineness and discipline that will greatly aid in making strong plans and focusing on wellness.

Earth Day-22nd April

Astrology often distracts us with the movements and impacts of other planets. However, Taurus Season urges us to honor our own planet. This is the ideal time to celebrate the beauty of our planet with Taurus ruling over Earth.

Venus Conjunct Uranus-22nd April

Uranus will tour around Taurus till 2026 and will greatly impact us throughout this season. The Venus-Uranus conjunct calls attention to relationships, finances, and health. Our heart chakra will be activated and our perspective will be refreshed. It will bring a bold approach and inspiration.

Mercury Conjunct Uranus-23rd April

Uranus maintains its authority for some days as it conjuncts with Mercury. This will result in increased communication and enhanced self-expression. We might experience some erratic energy and swift transformations. Be prepared for major revelations!

Super Full Moon In Scorpio-26/27th April

The 1st Super Full Moon of 2021 will take place in Scorpio that will amplify this potent full moon. Our attention will be drawn to things that have been neglected. Secrets and hidden information will come to light. In addition, we are likely to experience strong psychic currents that will bring strong energy cleansing.

Pluto Retrograde-27th April

The empty retrograde phase will end with the annual Pluto retrograde. We might find ourselves experiencing subtle energy. This retrograde needs reflecting on past decisions and our physical and psychological growth thus far.

Sun Conjunct Uranus-30th April

We need to watch out for Uranus throughout this season and the energy will maintain its grip on us. The Uranus-Sun alignment will bring interesting discoveries and we will find ourselves in the midst of sudden changes. Natural disasters will be rife as Uranus displays its energy in Taurus Season.

555 Day-5th May

The 5th day of the 5th month of the 5th year will activate the potent numerology code of 555. This number signifies creativity and seeking happiness. We must optimally utilize this time to channelize our creative energies and follow renewed inspiration.

New Moon-11th May

Eclipse season is round the corner that brings a retreat and inner wellbeing. Gender issues will resurface during this Lilith Black Moon.

Jupiter Arrives At Pisces-13th May

The Jupiter energy in Pisces ushers in new energy combined with heightened imagination and instinct. Our minds will witness mystical emotions. Jupiter’s energy in Pisces will be short since its stay will not last beyond 28th May. The return of Jupiter in the latter part of the year will see it staying for a major part of 2022.

Pleiades Portal-17th-22nd May

The magical constellation of 7 stars symbolizes the Pleiades. It is associated with ancient cultures worldwide. The sun would come in alignment with this constellation. Consequently, we might receive enlightening messages from across the stars.

Sun Enters Gemini-20th May

This would mean the conclusion of the season of Tauros. We would see the sun moving into the airy realm of Gemini.

Parting Words

Taurus Season is ideal to rewind and retreat. We must spend some time alone and plan a small adventure. It’s time to focus on ourselves.

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