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Lunar Eclipse In January 2019: Deepening Of The Ancestral Connections

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by Conscious Reminder

The Lunar eclipse of the full moon occurs on 21st January, 2019 and falls at 0 degrees Leo. It can be easily seen from Northeast Europe and South and North America. Prepare to make your bonds stronger with your family and ancestral history.

You will feel the undivided love for your nation growing within you. The Moon sextile Ceres is bringing in the remedy to your ancestral disconnect. Be ready to become one with your blood.

The January Lunar Eclipse

The January Lunar Eclipse will be falling in Leo Decan 1. This signifies a potent connection with your ancestral roots. Family will be a chief point in your life. Your values and loyalty will be tested.

It’s a good time for getting material wealth, which could be ancestral money or an inherited treasure. With your family behind you and strong within your mind, you will not have many individual thoughts in you. The family hive mind will control your thoughts for some time.

The good thing with all families is that they stay together. This Lunar Eclipse January, you do not have to face the tribulations of life alone. Your family will be behind you backing every step you take.

Unfortunately, the close tie-ups with family will bring up family secrets and open up closed doors. Expect certain forgotten issues to pop up, or buried problems to unearth. This is the moment when you have to deal with them and mend your bond with your family.

What does the Lunar Eclipse mean?

The lunar eclipse comes as a major transformation of the Full Moon. The light of the sun falls on our inner selves and brings to light all the hidden issues that we had buried since the last Solar eclipse.

It’s time to look at them, face them and finally try to purge these issues within those three months that the lunar eclipse will last. How we face the lunar eclipse depends completely on how we have spent our lives for the last 6 months. It’s a healing and cleansing period – which signifies intense change.

We hate change – we are ruled by habits, after all. For us, change is something scary. That’s why the Lunar eclipse might seem violent and unexpected. It comes fast and swoops upon us suddenly.

Resist it and it will be an emotionally trying period for you. Let it come and change you – let it cleanse you from within. If you want to bawl all over your bed, do it now till your eyes go red. Become a new person to begin a new life.

Sun will sextile Ceres

This Eclipse combines the energy of the Moon and the Sun making it seem like one. The Sun sextile Ceres makes us generous during this Eclipse. It makes us more capable of spreading our message, planting our seeds in the world and letting it grow independently.

This Eclipse is great for social activists. It makes us more charitable and capable of noticing and being a part of the growth all around us. But Ceres might be a downer. It brings with it sorrow and loss, and the pain of separation. But the good thing about this sextile is that it separates us from our darker past.

Some of us do not want to separate our darker parts from us. But now, this sextile can help us to consciously get rid of it and move towards a better world – our very own Utopia.

Moon will trine Ceres

Moon trine Ceres brings fortune in our favor and makes us resilient. While fortune is unreliable and can go from happy to sad in the next instance, Moon trine Ceres gears up our sense of humor and lets us see the dark comedy even in tragedy.

It’s sensuous and helps us appreciate the aesthetic. Armed with this positive ability to find fun in life, we can easily bounce back from anything that puts us down. It might get a bit indulgent though, but Moon Trine Ceres loves generosity like the Sun. It is also fascinated by nostalgia and the past.

Your bond with your family will increase due to your ancestral history. Hearing family stories and collecting family artefacts for the future generation will be our preference during this time. We would like to deliver our inheritance onto the hands of our progeny. However, this is generally in the material form of food and shelter rather than spiritual wisdom.

Family is strong with this lunar eclipse. It also brings in the national cry. The rise of populism and nationalism in the world are clear signs of it. The Moon rules the Home and the common folk while the Sun signifies royalty – this eclipse has something for all of us.

Let us be close to our family and finally reconnect as a unit. Let our family blood speak to us during this Eclipse.

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