Scorpio Full Moon On April 29th, 2018 – Strong Energies Paving The Road To Success

by Conscious Reminder

The 29th of April which falls on a Sunday will see a Full Moon taking place. It will occur at an angle of 9° in Scorpio and is overall considered to be auspicious for success.

The overlying influence would be that of Saturn, which means this period would be marked by the qualities of determination, preparedness, and success through steadiness.

This Full Moon is also noteworthy because it has been 3 months post the lunar eclipse of January 31st. Thus the eclipse cycle is over for a new turn with this Full Moon. This Full Moon squares the position of the eclipse as well as the minor planet Ceres. This can be quite a challenging time especially for single parents. Because of the influence of Ceres, success can be achieved, but only when responsibilities are shared.


The exact location of the April Full Moon is at 9°38’ in Scorpio. There is an aspect with the planet Saturn which will help straighten out many tough problems. The overall blue aspect of Saturn is enough to override the minor red ones which pose threats or challenges. Moon sextile Saturn means that the overall influence of the Full Moon would be positive and helpful.

Moon sextile Saturn is the overriding influence and it brings out a sense of protectiveness towards your family and loved ones. You will feel an urge to show your love and appreciation for them through thoughtful and helpful gestures (as opposed to grand, but empty public displays of emotions). This Full Moon will facilitate your sharing and understanding of each other’s feelings and emotions. The two weeks following the Full Moon will be all about love, loyalty and responsibility towards family.

Remember the recent New Moon (April 15th), it promoted changing your ways for the better and this is the perfect opportunity for you to turn over a new (and more caring) leaf in all your relationships. Any positive change which you made with the New Moon will be solidified with this Full moon, thanks to the steadying influence of Saturn which is the ruling planet of preparation, determination and eventually success.

Full Moon Square Ceres will bring about a turning point in the eclipse cycle. The lunar eclipse of January 31 (at 11°37’ Leo) was also in conjunction with Ceres.  Since then the minor planet has moved to 10°16’ Leo and is now in conjunction with the Moon’s North node. Moon in conjunction with Ceres influences women, especially single and working ones.

The lunar eclipse too was focused on this group of single, independent, working moms (as well as single fathers), their struggles and rights would be a major part of global narrative and debates.

Ceres square full moon along with quincunx Saturn will mean that the next two weeks might be especially hard for these single parents. If you fall in this category, sharing your responsibilities is your best bet.

Don’t worry you don’t have to do everything yourself and it is completely okay to delegate the less important stuff to others. Asking for help from your community doesn’t make you a bad parent.

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