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7 Native American Beliefs Limn The Place Our Soul Goes When We Dream

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by Conscious Reminder

Native Americans are well known for believing in the dream world and considering it as an essential part of their spiritual practice.

They give dreams a lot of significance and even teach their children to remember their dreams in order to learn to interpret and use them in their spiritual practice later in life.

Here We Give You 7 Reasons Why Native Americans Consider Dreaming An Essential Part Of Life

Native Americans have the following 7 beliefs regarding dreaming:

1. Native Americans believe people have 3 souls:

Ego-soul – embodied in the breath.

Body-soul – feeds our body energy during our wake state.

Free-soul – This is the soul that leaves the body while the other two remain attached. It roams and explores the dream world during sleep and trances.

2. The Dream world and the physical world are of equal importance.

Native Americans believe that our mind and body don’t dream of anything; dreams are experienced by our soul. Chippewa elder John Thunderbird specifically explains this in the following words:

“Your soul dreams those dreams; not your body, not your mind. Those dreams come true. The soul travels all over the world when you dream.”

3. Our souls are able to communicate.

Another believe says that when our soul is disconnected from the body, it’s able to communicate with other souls, people and even animals.

For them, the dream world is just as real as the physical world.

4. Our whole life is a big dream.

They say that dreaming allows us to remember the importance of this world and our purpose here.

To them life is one big dream and that the wail between the dream world and the waking life is almost non-existing.

5. The dream world leaves consequences.

According to this belief, everything that happens in our dreams, leaves significant consequences in our waking life.

For example, if you dream of being injured in your dreams, you must get treatment when you wake up.

6. We contact our spirit guides through our dreams.

Native Americans believe that everyone has one or many spirit guides that usually communicate with and guide us through our dreams.

When they would wake up, they used to seek immediate help from their elders who carefully guided them to understanding and interpreting the dream in the right way. This was crucial for getting the message right.

7. Dream world is where our soul is being spiritually guided.

We said that they considered the dream and the wake worlds equally as important, but sometimes our the dream world prevailed, simply because this was the time the soul received guidance and communicated with the spirit guides, spirit animals and other higher beings.

The dream world is not just an ordinary place. It’s an astral plane where the soul needs to travel for self-exploration and growth.

Therefore, next time you are wondering what happens with our souls when we dream, remember that it roams and explored the dream world, bringing us guidance, advice and even answers to our questions in our wake state.

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