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What Does It Mean To Attain Enlightenment?

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by Conscious Reminder

The word enlightenment is defined as a state of mind that is able to experience the present in full bliss.

When this mindset is acquired we find eternal contentment in life. It is usually considered a utopian concept that lies beyond the reach of an average man.

On the other hand, the few learned masters from the East have said that enlightenment can be attained in one’s lifetime. However, it requires special quality and character. Only those who show dedication and determination through their effort can obtain it.

Dedication Is Foremost

The sages in previous ages who had successfully managed to achieve eternal happiness in their lifetime were with a dedication to a sole cause. Jesus Christ had instructed that no man can attain enlightenment by serving both God and mammon. This is important to remember because Jesus is the ultimate Master according to the Bible.

Similarly, the Eastern cultures and religions also impart the idea of a singular master and faith. In addition single faith is considered to be the pivotal element of Buddhism, Christianity, and most other religions.

However, Christianity has faced a major brunt of criticism and jokes owing to its stringent practices and religious principles.

Christianity is usually dissociated from free-market capitalism since its principles stand in conflict. Nonetheless, this concept of opposition is an illusion and a dedicated man must break away from it in order to obtain enlightenment.

It is necessary to understand that one can serve God along with using mammon to fulfill this purpose. Essentially this suggests that mammon is the wealth and worldly treasures that were created by God. As a result, mammon must be utilized in a righteous way to serve God.

The Sole Focus Is mandatory

Buddhism preached an important lesson of non-attachment that is understood as a way of enlightened living with worldly wealth. According to the Old Testament from Genesis, our clothing, language, and other material needs, symbolize the world. The physical world bestows numerous blessings and advantages upon human beings but we need to remain inherently unattached.

God had separated the landscapes into the land, oceans, and other terrains. The free market of mankind simply makes use of these landscapes in an appropriate manner.

The natural elements are then divided into refined and complex images and feelings that are transformed by technological advancements and industrialization. This man-made progress is necessary and useful to establish communication with the higher power.

Despite the sole focus, eternal bliss cannot be found in isolation from the complicated reality around us. Buddhist monks detach themselves from material possessions and dedicate their lives to a singular purpose.

Furthermore, they live with minimal possession and even starve themselves. These indicate eliminating frivolous thoughts and a disciplined mind. Although these might be useful, they are not mandatory for attaining enlightenment. Serving God is the only key.

Seeking The Eternal

Innate focus can make us detached from temporal objects and help us achieve limitlessness. The material world keeps us engaged in one thing after the other without an end to human wants or satisfaction.

Nonetheless, the initial step towards enlightenment is prioritizing our thoughts over the outcome. Only then can we more clearly focus on God and remove all distractions.

Thoughts regarding worldly things are temporal but our mind has stories that are eternal. Clearing our minds from capitalist distractions will help us move forward in the path of eternity. Although opposites are mandatory for progress thus we must learn to balance the material with the eternal.

Peace Of Mind

Once we recognize the flaws and remove them, it becomes easier for us to attain peace of mind. We must never lose sight of the higher power while we are constantly chasing material prosperity.

Keep your core mind focussed on God and soon you will be able to see the destination.

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