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Fall In Love Without Fear And Without Asking For Permission

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by Conscious Reminder

Fall in love without asking for permission, let go of your fears!

Do you realize that you are missing out on some of the best experiences of your life because you are paralyzed by fear? The fear of love keeps you enslaved.

How to get rid of the fear of love?

Phobias can be cured, and so can philophobia (fear of love). First of all, you have to accept what is happening: you need to want to heal and seek professional help. There are some therapies to treat phobias, such as:

  1. Cognitive therapy. Therapy helps you get to know the mental process that makes you feel afraid, these are your fears and worries, or in other words – your thoughts. This type of therapy helps you replace them with more positive ones.
  2. Affective desensitization therapy. It is a therapy that consists of exposing a person to the cause of panic, whether it is love or any other.
  3. Hypnotherapy. Hypnosis can help eliminate negative associations. Try to find the psychological trauma of people in an induced hypnotic state. In this condition, the therapist asks the patient to get rid of the fears.
  4. Neuro linguistic reprogramming. Controversial therapy related to hypnosis. According to this therapy, our thoughts consist of words, words that create a program in our brain. We need to know these programs that we or our parents, professors, etc. have installed. And change them.

How to deal with the fear of love?

To do that, you must want to change and be aware that you will try to find excuses on many occasions. You can also try the following steps:

  1. Don’t blow things out of proportion. Observe your habit to generalize and overstate what is happening to us.
  2. Learn about philophobia. That way, you will be able to gain some skills and strategies for dealing with fear.
  3. Understand why this is happening to you.
  4. Work on your emotional intelligence. Knowing and managing your feelings, as well as understanding the emotions of others can promote better control over your feelings and relationships with others.
  5. Think of the worst thing that could happen to you if you lose this love. “And if I fall in love and lose her / him, what’s the worst that can happen to me? Nothing, life will go on.” These thoughts will help you fight philophobia.
  6. Talk to your partner about what is happening to you. Say everything honestly without fear or shame; that way they will understand many of your reactions. Talking about your fears will allow others to relate and accept you.

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