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Scorpio Super Full Moon Raising April 26/27: Cleanse & Release

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by Conscious Reminder

The forthcoming Super Full Moon of Scorpio is expected to rise on the night between April 26th and April 27th. 

Usually, a Super Full Moon takes place once the Moon comes in close proximity to our planet Earth. As a result, the Moon seems much brighter and bigger. In addition, the magnetic power of the Moon also increases manifold.

Full Moons mostly have the ability to draw out our intimate thoughts and many surprising emotions. The magic of Full Moon lies in its ability to reveal hidden wounds, bring surprising things to the forefront, and stimulate secret feelings. Owing to this reason, Full Moons are considered potent portals that act as a release.

Super Full Moons might provide answers to several worrying questions. These are questions regarding our deepest desires, things that we need to eliminate, and the ways to achieve freedom.

Super Full Moon Answers Many Persistent Questions

This Full Moon is scheduled to occur in Scorpio, the water sign. Moreover, the Moon has been presided over by water elements that will make us overly sensitive and closely in touch with our inner sensibilities. Our intuition might bring more clarity that will make it easier to find compatibility with the energy of people around us.

We are in a state of heightened senses that can act as a guide to take a tour into our deeper state of understanding and awareness. Our instinct is an invaluable superpower and we will get unprecedented access to it during this Super lunation.

The energy of the Scorpio will add a lot to the Full Moon period. This will lead to the release of psychic energy. Even though we are not always aware, we usually tend to pick up the energies of the people around us. Thus, we can attain a state of balance and wholeness by cleansing the energy. This will ensure obtaining our authentic self.

Attain Authentic Self through Rituals

The power of the Scorpio Full Moon will enable time for energy cleansing of our bodies. We can do this by indulging in crystal rituals, bathing, or burning consecrated herbs. Some other significant and effective practices include acupuncture, Pranic healing, sound baths, and Reiki. These rituals are greatly helpful for cleansing static energy in our bodies.

The Full Moon power combined with a clear intention of clearing and releasing energy can accompany a feeling of wholesomeness and harmony. This sensitive lunation also upholds awakening and illuminating energy. Secrets will be uncovered that might stir deep emotions and ushering much-needed clarity.

Many of us have been looking for answers and trying to make steadfast decisions for the past few months and this Super Moon might be highly beneficial.

Things To Remember In This Eventful Lunation

Pluto is ruling over this Scorpio energy. Pluto is all ready to set foot in the underworld just one day after the Full Moon and start its yearly retrograde. This will establish a link with the events that happened in October 2020. This resurfacing of past events might unburden us of our emotional baggage.

Pluto is considered as the planet of death as well as rebirth, indicating a revival or reclaiming lost things. The Full Moon is also awakening Uranus that might usher sudden changes. The entire week till this forthcoming Full Moon will be buzzing with cosmic events. The erratic energy from Uranus is likely to make us feel unsteady that will be smoothened by the lunation.

The Super Moon has possibilities of unexpected happenings but we will certainly acquire new wisdom, better understanding, and higher compassion after the storm passes. Overall, this Scorpio Moon will bring sensitivity and intensity and we can optimally turn this into a golden chance to let go of the past burden and attain new insight.

26th May will witness Blood Moon Eclipse that will be another powerful Full Moon.

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