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Calling Upon Your Angels In Times Of Difficulty

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Very often, when we find ourselves in difficult times, we seek help from our guardian angel.

In our daily life, we face several problems that are beyond our capabilities and we wish for some sort of magical solution to them.

On the other hand, unpleasant situations make us turn to God for help. We pray and hope that the unanswered questions and unfinished chapter will be resolved in an amicable manner.

This article brings you good news by bringing to light that the magical power we are seeking is within our own hands. We simply need to wield the wand and experience the miracle in our life.

This gives rise to the crucial question as to how can we make this a possibility. The answer is quite simple. We just need to recognize the presence of our angels and follow the guiding light shone by them.

The powerful guidance of an angel is a form of secret messages from God and angels are the appropriate messengers. They are a constant presence in our lives from birth till death. We can feel their companionship by means of sacred love energy.

In addition, the angelic energy can also be felt when we truly connect with the higher power and establish an intimate and constant relationship with our angels. From thereon, our life will take a turn in a positive direction.

How To Connect With Angels?

Even though we all are looking for angelic guidance, most of us are clueless as to how to connect with them. This is mainly because angels live on a higher frequency. It is often considered that human beings live on the 3rd Dimension and gradually step on to the 5th whereas angels are on the 9th Dimension.

Angels are devoid of negative qualities including ego and judgemental mindset. Moreover, they are multi-dimensional in nature that allows them to be present in several places at the same time. The central purpose of angels is to take our wishes and prayers forward to God and build a connection.

Yet they require our permission to enter our life and have a good impact. Most importantly we must respect their free will in order to forge the connection. Consequently, we need to summon them into our life and request them to help us through our problems.

Invoking Angelic Assistance

One of the most essential steps for enabling miracles to take place in our life is to allow them to work appropriately. We must remember not to meddle or manipulate the work of the angels overseeing us. Furthermore, our requests and petitions must be honest and pragmatic instead of unrealistic.

Our guardian angels are able to see the larger picture and do things that will have a positive impact on our life in the long term.

Their powerful presence and limitless approach are sometimes difficult for our prejudiced minds to comprehend. Our angels usher alternative solutions to our problems that we are not meant to understand or foresee at that specific time.

Recognize The Power Of Angels

We can make any imaginable request that can be huge or small but all requests are the same for angels. They are acutely powerful and can make anything possible. Furthermore, all petitions, irrespective of being big or minor, are of equal importance to them. Hence, we should not shy away from making big requests.

Nonetheless, all requests and wishes must be made with a clear conscience and true heart. If we are deserving enough, the angels will certainly answer our petitions. We must also stay perpetually connected to them to receive their messages and blessings.

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