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How To Harness Today’s Lion’s Gate Portal Energy According To Your Zodiac Sign

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by Conscious Reminder

On August 8th, every year, the cosmos sees the opening of the Lion’s Gate Portal.

According to astrologers, this day is extremely auspicious for manifestation work or thinking about things you desire to turn into reality. The date itself (8/8) is significant according to numerology. 8 is believed to represent good vibes, wealth, and luck. Moreover, when 8 is turned sideways, it makes the infinity symbol, which represents abundance.

Here is what each zodiac should focus on manifesting on this powerful day:


Hold a celebration for the child within you by reconnecting with your creativity. It can be making cushions, drawing portraits, or stitching lanyards – every creative task will strengthen your connection to the spirit within. Let the canvas be dyed in your awesomeness.


Presently, your heart should be at home, so spend time making your home as cozy as possible. This will, in turn, change your home’s energy and vibe, adding a feeling of sacredness to the place where you and your loved one live.


You can give your spirits a boost by associating with a humanitarian project nearby. Not only will you be helping the community, but you will also gain a feeling of fulfilling some higher purpose. When it comes to helping others and society-at-large, nothing can beat kindness.


If you are in search of stability and security, then this Lion’s Gate Portal can provide you with it. On the day, try this ritual: take some basil leaves and place them under the bed at night for as long as you want. It should create a place of solace and ease.


You are on the verge of self-discovery, so all the new things about yourself that come to light might amaze you. This will make the start of your life’s greatest love affair – with you. Enjoy understanding and knowing yourself deeper than ever before.


At the moment, the cosmos are focusing on the subconscious parts of your mind. As such, they want you to heal any past wounds that might resurface. Recovery can be a lengthy process, so be sure to be gentle. All the deepest emotions wash over you.


Think about your future goals. If you are not certain about them, then think of this as a chance to contemplate your aspirations. The more time and energy you spend in this contemplation, the more clarity you will gain about your path.


Your mind is focused on work at the moment, especially the way in which your career is headed. Rather than overthinking each and every move you can take, pick one that communicates with your heart’s voice. Moving toward your love will make you feel fulfilled.


You usually keep your eye on the bigger picture. However, take this opportunity to step back a bit. Do some fact-analysis before jumping into assumptions. No one knows what kind of truth is hiding until you look at them with illusion-free, discerning, clear eyes.


At times, it can be difficult to do the right things. One such thing is setting boundaries when it comes to family and friends. However, doing so will free you from guilt and manipulation. Creating healthy limits will help define the relationships’ structure as you would like them to be.


If you are someone who is searching for love, then this might be the magical moment you meet a special someone. If you are already committed, then expect the partnership to get strengthened. Just remember to be clear regarding your desire in the relationship.


In stressful moments, your mind becomes hyperactive. However, that makes it all the more important to relax and take some breaks. Quiet your mind and space by simply meditating for a bit. Breathe the negativity and problems out.

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