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How To Reconnect With Your Past Lives

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by Conscious Reminder

A lot of religions, like Judaism, Hinduism, and Buddhism, believe in reincarnation.

33% of American adults also believe in the existence of past lives. The concept is basically that we incarnate continually to resolve our karma. At the same time, experience makes our souls grow and learn.

There are several methods that can help us know our previous lives. However, hypnosis remains the only method to remember past lives firsthand. Past lives can be remembered via “past life regression”.

Hypnosis As A Way Of Exploring Memories From Previous Lives

Our unconscious stores every single experience and memory. These memories might be from both this life as well as our past lives. A hypnotic trance lets clients access their unconscious minds and remember previous lives.

A hypnotist who specializes in past life regression has the ability to direct their patients until they are under a relaxed trance induced by hypnotism. The most important memories from our previous lives will almost always be remembered. Along with that, previous lives, which have a direct influence or relation with our present life, and can be beneficial for us right now, can also surface.

Limiting Relationships

We may have experienced being attracted to a person right from the first meeting. On the other hand, there may be people we never seem to be able to get along with, and our intuition always raises red flags about them. Memories from our previous lives can tell us more about why these feelings arise about specific people.

It is not uncommon for clients in the past life regression trance to recognize them as current or past members of their family, romantic partners, or friends.

For instance, a client may find out that someone who had been cruel to her in one of her past lives is the family member that always makes her feel uncomfortable in the present. However, this also helped her resolve the feeling of being unjust since the past is not the present.


In a few cases, experiences from our past lives can trigger present phobias and fears. For instance, a client who was too afraid of thunderstorms to exit her house during it discovered that she had lost her life while battling in a thunderstorm. Understanding the fear’s source helped her overcome it completely.

In another instance, a client having a deathly fear of heights overcame it after realizing that in one of his previous lives, he was pushed off a cliff. A skilled hypnotist can not only aid in remembering the previous lives but also reframe and release negative experiences which are influencing the present.


A previous life session can identify many more things, like hidden talents and soulmates. For instance, someone who remembers their previous life as a musician can find learning instruments easier in the present. Some people discover that a particular soul has reincarnated along with them repeatedly, usually as their spouse. Irrespective of gender, these two souls have always found their way to each other since they are soulmates.

The Final Realization

For the majority of us, remembering our previous lives helps us understand and accept that death does not mean the end. All of us make, what we think, are mistakes. However, we will have many chances to grow and learn via our multiple reincarnations.

People who fear death almost always experience a shift towards a more perspective following the hypnotic regression. A recurring theme among the clients is that only those previous lives are remembered that have clues towards solving the mysteries in their present lives. They usually receive what is most needed.

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