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These Are The Reasons Why Children Can See Ghost And Adults Can’t

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Many people swore they had the ability to see spirits when they were kids, and they also claimed that they had different encounters with spirits in which they truly believed.

They explained how they would run quickly to their moms and tell them, but they ignored it and said that it was only an imagination.

However, throughout their childhood, and also into adulthood, they will stop seeing ghosts. They reported that when they were looking back, they sometimes wondered if it was their imagination, or were those encounters real?

They say that they were quite real to them at those times. But, maybe their imagination simply did run quite wild.

Or perhaps, when they were kids, they were quite more open towards seeing things which their parents avoided to see. However, deciding for sure is quite hard.

When we get older, we will notice that a lot of children experience the same phenomenon, but we will ask ourselves the question “Why is that?”

The theories’ number is huge. If we personally deal with situations in which our kid insists that he or she sees spirits, we should permit our intuition as parents to be our guide.

We should think about whether it is psychologically based situation or if there is the true possibility that our kid believes in the fact that he or she saw some spirit.

Although sometimes it can be the primary two reasons we mentioned, we should open ourselves to other possibilities. Even when a kid does not see spirits, he or she may actually believe in certain things so much, so that it will become quite real for them.

We should validate his or her opinions, and permit our intuition to be our guide on the true reasoning standing behind his or her words, and also how we can handle the whole situation.

Children find it hard to differentiate between unreal and real.

When we were kids, we were encouraged to actually have a huge and healthy imagination, while sometimes this particular tendency may make our imagination run wild.

Children tend to learn through pretend and imaginative play, and hence, they may slip between the fantasy and reality more easily and quickly than the adults.

Children seek attention.

Children often want to get attention, so that they are usually going to seek that by utilizing the unseen. When our child keeps on saying there are spirits or ghosts, this could be the main reason.

Children are far more vulnerable when it comes to spirit realms.

There are some theories which say that ghosts usually seek for more vulnerable creatures, such as children, or sick people, or those that are under some influence. But, these theories are still not proved.

Children open themselves more to the unseen.

While we are growing older, we can become far more jaded, and we will learn ways or excuses to reject the unknown. But, children have their minds more open to the supernatural phenomenon. Who says that they cannot see the things that we cannot see?

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