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Tonight’s Super Full Moon Ritual: Remove The Negative Energies With A Nice Spiritual Bath

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

One excellent way in which we can wash away all the negativities of the day would be having a beautiful hot bath; however, for those of us that would like to maintain our spiritual health in a top form, we have to take irregular spiritual baths.

In fact, spiritual baths aren’t like the standard baths. Actually, the purpose of these baths isn’t cleaning our bodies but is cleansing our auras.

Here is a step by step guide which will help us elevate our wellbeing with just a simple spiritual bath:

Basics of the spiritual bath

Spiritual baths are rituals, and they have to be respected. Hence, we have to plan our spiritual bath several minutes before we perform it, and prepare everything that we need for the ritual.

We should also find a place where no one will disturb us. If we can, we should perform it at the same time with a Full Moon, as it will be much better. Also, before we have our spiritual bath, we have to shower and clean our bathtub. In fact, the bathtub has to be cleaned from the oils and soap, and we also have to clean right before we start the ritual.

Spiritual baths exist in three types:

Salt warm bath

We may have a cleansing, and spiritual bath which will have lingering protective impacts, if we add half a cup of Epsom salt to a hot bath.

Salt is known as a cleanser of negative energies, and as it is able to remain on our skin, it actually makes a protection layer for some time after we start.

Baking soda warm bath

We can utilize one cup of baking powder in the hot bath if we prefer, for some extra detoxifying effects. In that way, we are going to feel spiritually and physically healthy, which will be an excellent way to firth negativities when bad energies build up.

Apple cider vinegar warm bath

Just several drops of ACV can turn our warm bath into an excellent spiritual experience. Such kind of bath was popular for a long time, even centuries, and it was commonly used for combating flu and colds.

The impacts are quite like of the Olbas oil; however, the powers of ACV related to cleansing our aura make the spiritual bath quite more positive on a spiritual level.

We should take spiritual baths only once in a week, not more. Otherwise, we are going to lose the importance of the ritual, and it is going to have smaller effects.

Only once in one month will be perfect, and doing it simultaneously with some moon phase will be ideal.

We would like to spend about twenty minutes or so in this spiritual bath, also incorporating cleansing meditation. First, we should close our eyes, imagining ourselves bathed in the white light, while the water is absorbing the negative energies.

When we finished with this bath, we should drip dry, only if we can. With the use of a towel, we can actually take away certain cleansing powers which are left on our skin, which is, in fact, a waste.

We may also use some essential oils, just a small amount, because it may cause overpowering experiences. Lavender oil will be perfect.

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