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Get Ready For The Super Blood Moon Eclipse This May 26th

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by Conscious Reminder

The Super Blood Moon Eclipse is scheduled to take place on 26th May 2021. This celestial event is very rare.

The extra-large Full Moon appears to be extremely bright and luminous in our night sky than usual. In addition, the moon may also turn brilliantly red while eclipsing under the Earth’s shadow.

This eclipse is called a Blood Moon because of the reddish hue during the complete eclipse. The previous Blood Moon happened in 2019 January which makes the forthcoming eclipse more special. People all over the world can experience this rare event.

From an astrological perspective, this Lunar Eclipse is believed to usher sudden changes that might transform the direction of our life.

Furthermore, this Lunar Blood Eclipse might help us do away with the unnecessary things from the journey of our life. This shift or clearing might remain unnoticed by us but it will be taken care of by this eclipse.

Eclipse performs the required actions as they characterize portals that elevate and drive us towards a new chapter. These actions usher a soul evolution and signify a quantum shift into an enhanced state of consciousness.

Necessary Clearing Of Obstacles

We must trust the clearing of cluttered things during this eclipse phase although it may be challenging to let go. Direct messages are often accompanied by eclipses that are sent by the Universe.

The Lunar Blood Eclipse will occur in Sagittarius that is part of the Eclipse cycle which started in May last year. Sagittarius is the ruler of wisdom and a higher mind. Sagittarius energy encourages us to see the larger picture and expand our point of view.

This energy also allows us to fix our aim and intention in one direction. We do not need to control where our aim might eventually land but our intention might be set correctly. We must respect and embrace the end result and believe that we can start afresh that might bring better outcomes.

Moreover, the things that will unfold during this eclipse will connect us with proper guidance emitted from Sagittarian energy. This energy must be used by us to focus on expanding our horizons and see things from a different perspective. We can also reflect upon the events of May 2020.

Eclipses normally happen in pairs so there is another Solar Eclipse soon approaching on 11th June 2021. This will further help us in making new adventures and set new intentions again.

New Adventures & Revelations

This Super Lunar Blood Eclipse of May will promote the discovery of hidden information or secrets. The re-emergence of these secrets might inspire huge transformation and encourage an awakening.

We might receive new knowledge that will bring much-needed answers and clarity regarding our future. Since Mercury rules communication skills and its alignment is near Venus during this eclipse, we may forge better self-expression. Our fear and insecurities will be communicated in a better manner and we will be able to speak with a lot of compassion with others.

Our emotions will resurface and get amplified. Some of the dark emotions will come to the forefront and make us aware of unknown things. We must honor these emotions and try to understand them carefully.

Bringing To Light

Jupiter acts as a magnifier that becomes very active in eclipse periods. As a result, our emotions will become bigger. Nonetheless, these confusing emotions will find clarity after the eclipse is over.

The weather phenomenon is likely to take place and amplify global tensions.

The darkness that will engulf us is not negative. Instead, it is a feminine expression that has great transformative powers. It can establish spiritual re-connection and make the world brighter. We will be transported to an unknown realm of higher consciousness, better spirit, and limitless possibilities.

Our meaning and purpose in life will be revealed. We will also get great life lessons that will usher in big evolution.

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