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When The Universe Doesn’t Work In Your Favor

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Believing that our Universe constantly has our back and constantly looks out for us is something nice.

However, life will not always feel that way, usually as our Universe will take several steps back, waiting for us to start figuring out the things on our own.

There will be times when we will go through our lives feeling supported and feeling that our Universe is constantly on our side. Synchronicities happen, things flow, but there will be times that this feeling will not be far away from our truth.

There will be times when we are going to feel like our lives are pushing us into the mud, pulling out our fingernails one after another, and slamming us into some brick walls. Sometimes, we are going to fall, and there would be no one to catch us.

Sometimes, we are going fall really deep that we cannot see where we are or even where we have to be. Although we did everything “right,” or followed every rule, our Universe is still going to fail to actually catch us, or shine some light on us in order to help us get out of the darkness.

Every person has probably reached such a point in his or her life once. It is also probable that all this happens to every person in different degrees, and although it may not feel like it, it will be the most interesting and exciting time of our lives when it happens.

When our Universe gave us the chance to figure everything out on our own, or when no person around us know how to actually console or help us, the one thing which we may turn to will definitely be ourselves.

When we have the feeling that our Universe is constantly against us, or when we wonder whether there is still goodness on our planet or not, we should know that it would be a calling.

It would be a calling for us to keep going and find our strength, light, and goodness so that we can make our ways up, and even through.

This would be our soul’s calling to keep going, get to know our true selves, and reinvent our whole lives.

Life isn’t about what is happening to us; rather than that, it is more about how we choose to actually face everything that happens. It is more about finding our courage, strength, and ourselves when everything gets tough.

If our lives are easy all of the time, there wouldn’t be adventure or growth. The challenge may be what pushes us, and what also inspires us to leave our zone of comfort and enter new territories.

The strongest and most powerful souls have challenging lives, and they can handle the loss, pain, and devastation, which have the ability to pick up and even find their ways through.

Though this particular journey, we are going to ding our light and strength which make life. This journey is going to shape who we are, together with our future, which is about to come.

We are always destined to make it through as although our Universe will not catch us all the time; it will never give us anything that we aren’t able to handle.

“The Universe is under no obligation to make sense to you.” – Neil DeGrasse Tyson

We may also find the happiness and joy, laugh our way through them, and remind ourselves that when we are into the dark, cold and muddy mess, we are living – this is, in fact, life.

Our Universe is not always going to have our back, but that would be because we will not need a person to catch us anymore.

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