Understanding Crystals Colors And Their Spiritual Meanings

by Conscious Reminder

Crystals can be greatly helpful for healing and spiritual purposes. They forge a mystical connection between us and the energy of the earth.

Crystal healing is largely associated with its color. Therefore it is very important to choose the right colored crystal that will support us based on our intention.

Every color has a unique set of properties with healing vibrations related to spiritual, physical, or emotional well-being. The color of the crystal symbolizes esoteric practices like color magic or the chakra system. Keep reading to find out the crystalline rainbow and understand its meaning before choosing the correct stone.

White Crystal Meaning: Peace and purity

Examples: Moonstone, white chalcedony, selenite, and clear quartz

White crystals characterize purification and cleansing. For instance, quartz is able to increase the energy possessed by other crystals while selenite can cleanse surrounding spaces. We can easily connect with white crystals and ensure peace. It is very beneficial during meditation and energy-cleansing work.

Red Crystal Meaning: Power and Action

Examples: Ruby, red jasper, vanadinite, and garnet

The Redbull drink’s purpose is the same as that of the red crystal- that is to pump us up with passion and energy. We are motivated to take action and feel very intense and raw. When we need a kick to act upon some immediate work, this crystal is the right choice.

Pink Crystal Meaning: Compassion and love

Examples: Pink opal and tourmaline, rhodonite, rose quartz, and rhodochrosite

Pink crystals represent a warm feeling and a loving heart. These crystals promote gentleness, compassion, and emotional healing by ushering kindness and love into our lives. We can obtain forgiveness, self-love, empathy, and romance by wearing a pink crystal during meditation.

Orange Crystal Meaning: Change and creativity

Examples: Sunstone, sunset quartz, amber, and carnelian

This colored crystal is associated with sexuality, creativity, and enthusiasm. We can gain stimulation, and inspiration that can act as a catalyzer for big transformation in our life. When we feel confused, this stone can help us make important decisions.

Yellow Crystal Meaning: Optimism and determination

Examples: Citrine, sulfur quartz, golden onyx, and yellow jasper

Yellow-colored crystals epitomize optimism and make us feel bright and positive about our authentic selves. They accompany positive energy and greatly support new endeavors. Our own strength and self-confidence also get a huge boost by wearing this stone.

Green Crystal Meaning: Growth and abundance

Examples: Malachite, moss agate, jade, and peridot

Green embodies nature as well as money. Therefore, it brings wealth, fortune, and abundance. We can also grow and evolve spiritually and emotionally by channelizing the energy in the right manner.

Blue Crystal Meaning: Communication and clarity

Examples: Aquamarine, lapis lazuli, azurite, and larimar

Blue crystals encourage calm and serenity along with power just like the sky and oceans. It signifies clarity in communication and enables honest expression. We feel calm and collected while expressing our ideas.

Purple Crystal Meaning: Intuition and spirituality

Examples: Spirit quartz, amethyst, and charoite

Purple crystals usually embody spiritual energy. Additionally, this stone establishes a connection between us and the mystical realm by strengthening our instinct and greater awareness of self. Purple crystals serve as extraordinary tools for utilizing the divine aspect and attain a higher creative inspiration.

Black Crystal Meaning: Eliminators of negativity

Examples: Black tourmaline and kyanite, jet, obsidian, and shungite

Black crystals are acutely protective and highly efficient at removing negativity. These stones can dispel our anxieties and encourage emotional and physical safety. Black stones are very helpful in acting as a shield against any negative energy.

Magic of Coloured Crystals

Every person knows the basic meanings and symbols of colors. So we need not be any experts to comprehend the spiritual meaning of crystals. However, we must accurately use the colored stones to manifest their true and complete potential and power.

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