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Twin Flames: Is It Possible To Cut The Cords?

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

People have tried repeatedly cutting the connection with their twin flame. But, it is yet to succeed properly.

For a true connection of the twin flame nature, disconnection, or severing the ties is not possible. Moreover, forcefully trying to do this can make the situation more complicated and difficult. Simply because severing your twin flame cord is similar to cutting off your soul’s other half.

The case is the same even if it is a Karmic connection. Karmic connections have reasons for existing. So you cannot sever the connection anyway. A person brought to you through a Karmic bond will help you let go of the energy that you need to release to heal.

So, for both cases, it is an event in the journey your soul takes in its search for true happiness and love – even though it might be with someone else.

Intense Emotions And Feelings Are Associated

For a brief moment, cutting the cord may feel better. This can be a day or even as long as a month. But eventually, your Twin’s energy will return to you. And since you are separated, the energy can be much stronger than what it was.

The soul journey involving your Twin Flame is about helping and knowing each other to get stronger. It is about the both of you accomplishing something that will help the world around you, together. So cutting the cord is never the answer. In the end, it will only add to the anxiety and turmoil.


The separation from a twin flame takes place when both of you are starting to know about the inner truth – what you two truly need in your lives. Even if you think you are prepared for it, and they are not; neither of you is prepared in reality. The reason behind this is you two working to release anything that is of no more use to you. This is a part of awakening to the knowledge of the truth within you.

Sometimes, the separation can take more time than others. It depends on the things you two have to release to let past wounds heal.

Getting Ready For The Union

A sense of anxiety and depletion will haunt you whenever you will try to cut off the cord completely. Sometimes, it may even make you panic.

So instead of cutting it, try to make a better sense of the situation. Use your internal knowledge and let the process of healing begin while tuning into each other’s energy.

Spirituality is a useful method for raising your vibrations and connecting to the higher self. It is one part of the true divine master plan. So it will help you with manifesting the union of the divine nature and healing.

Twin Flames Have A Greater Purpose

When Twin Flames get together, they eventually learn about the potential in their connection – the potential to serve the whole world and not just themselves.

They have immense charge within them and are the greatest power couple. This helps them correct the imperfections within them. It also makes them find a balance of love and harmony between each other that was not there before.

Twin flames have to work with each other and themselves simultaneously. Only then can they release and let go of unneeded baggage.

Work On Yourself

The best way to do this is by remembering the lessons from your past life. These are personal and unique to you. Surrendering and releasing energy may mean letting energy based on fear and ego go.

You can take the help of a psychic, spiritual soul coach to guide you in the proper direction. But the duty to correct what needs to be corrected inside you lies with you. It will help in the Twin flame divine union.

Healing Meditation Is Essential

Always try to do it daily. It will not only help you with relaxing but also take you to a level higher. It is essential if you want to connect with the higher self. You can also focus on self-love to uplift the spirit.

So, do not try to cut off your twin flame connection. Rather, make use of all the possible methods, and fulfill your soul journey to its utmost potential.    

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