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8 Signs You’re Destined To Become A Spiritual Elder

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Spiritual adulthood comes when you have diligently practiced introspection and discipline. This is the kind of wisdom that can help us see beyond material happiness.

Not many have the patience to reach such a level of wisdom. Here are 8 signs of people who do:

1. They are not judgmental

They are enlightened beings who know better than to judge others. They know everyone is on a different phase of their journey. They have been in the same shoes at some point in life and so know better.

2. They respect Mother Earth and all forms of life

They respect every form of life. And also are enlightened enough to know that they cannot control or possess Earth or its resources; a mistake which less enlightened souls frequently make.

3. They are empathetic

Their senses are heightened and empathy comes naturally to them. However they are also enlightened enough so that they don’t get overwhelmed by other people’s energies.

4. Teaching comes naturally to them

Once they have reached enlightenment, nothing gives them greater pleasure than sharing that wisdom. They want to help as many people as they can by teaching them about the soul and the world.

5. They know and embody what unconditional love truly is

They love all beings. Because they know everything is an expression of the divine. They love without prejudice and without expectations. Their love is wholesome and unconditional, in every sense of the world.

6. They don’t get attached

Especially to materialistic things and titles. They fully understand the transitional nature of money, positions and possessions. They are much more interested in, and attuned to spiritual strength.

7. They know that contentment and peace is not something that you chase

Elders know that happiness is not something which you chase. No new job or promotion or attaining a certain body type can bring you contentment if you are not content in the present moment. This is why they are so peaceful. They have found peace in the moment, inside them.

8. They are content with company and also without it

They have lived with people, and also on their own while they were on their path of self discovery. Now they can find happiness and peace even when alone or when surrounded by people.

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