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Spirit Animal Protection: Which Animal Is Your Soul-Guide?

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Our spiritual journey is such that we are assigned animals and guides to assist us on our path.

Although we don’t really observe, we should, for we would be able to find our guides and protectors way closer than we thought them to be.

It isn’t easy to understand or even identify a Spirit Animal, for the more we try to delve into it, we would see that there is way more of it than what meets the eye.

Depending upon whom you ask, you will usually get an answer that correlates to the animal having the same attributes and qualities that the human being has.

The relationship between a Spirit Animal and a person is, unsurprisingly, very personal. So, it might come as a shock when some people have more than one Spirit Animal.

In case you feel the curiosity inside you to know what your animal spirit is, you have to interrogate yourself on some basic questions, to whose answers you need to meditate and ponder about. Only then would you appease your particular Spirit Animal, if they choose to make themselves visible.

You must ask yourself as to what your virtue and vices are, as to where you stand in time and in your life, and what more do you expect from this life itself.

Also, don’t forget to look around you, and notice animal behavior when the said animal is close to you.

You would soon feel yourself associating with an animal that closely follows you or simply hangs around you.

While this is bound to take some time, once you realize the animal you closely resonate with, you would already have completed half of what is required.

Even if it gets quite repetitive, don’t get discouraged and back out. Things will happen at their own pace.

Interestingly, your Spirit Animal is something that people around you might notice, but it would be oblivious to you.

In case you’re of a very silent, solitary disposition you may be surrounded by spiders while the brave ones, who function at a nocturnal level, may have a panther as their Spirit Animal. Every animal has its benefits and you need to know which one fits your case.

There are several quizzes that you can take in order to find out what your Spirit Animal is. But remember that they might not give out a complete idea of what it is.

So you need to zero in on the animal probably after spending time in nature and observing the various animals that come through.

The one thing you should remember to do is thank every single soul whose main purpose is your survival. Don’t neglect them and/or have nefarious purposes for the blessings they give.

Also, don’t neglect the guidance or intent that comes from association with such animals.

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