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Gemini New Moon Solar Eclipse Rising June 10th, Here’s What To Expect

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by Conscious Reminder

The New Moon in Gemini and Solar Eclipse is scheduled to take place on 10th June 2021.

The influence of words is going to be directly in the sight of this potent cosmic alignment. In addition, the planetary movements are going to aim at both the aspects of the concept that states that “Form Follows Thought”.

It is interesting to note that this concept was also the primary objective of the Full Moon in Sagittarius and the Lunar Eclipse that happened last month.

On the other hand, it is often seen that the thought is also followed by emotions. We must bid farewell to any concept that exempts Sagittarius and Gemini from feelings. The reason being that both these zodiac signs are demonstrating a real-life strength in their ideologies and words.

This is generally done with the help of pain, heartache, anger, stirring passions, sucker-punching people, and other similar actions. These activities amplify and spotlight a direct flow generated from our thought process, words, and belief.

Lunar eclipse certainly ushered a huge turning point for the flow of information and espouse. It has managed to change several relationships. Moreover, the solar eclipse is moving the direction from eliminating to leaping forward, from venting outdated ideologies to embarking on a new approach that is drastically different.

Power Of Words And New Beliefs 

A huge amount of information based on retrospection has been flying around even though there is a focus on the future. This solar eclipse is exactly at the same place as the 1983 and June 2002 solar eclipses. As a result, similar themes may resurface out of those times.

Furthermore, there is a big possibility of a whirlwind of confusion, do-overs, misunderstandings, and skeletons from the past. These are merely by-products of the Mercury Retrograde that emerged from the New Moon in Gemini 2021.

The words used by us will return to haunt us and past friends, business issues, and documents might also make a come-back. This tumult might trigger loose ends, unfinished projects, business deals, and conversations.

This confusion may distract the focus from restarts and upgrades although they will eventually be accomplished. The combination of the New Moon/Mercury is squaring with Neptune. This is a difficult contact that may stir gaslighting issues. We may start questioning even the things we are very sure about.

Turbulences Conjured By Cosmic Events 

The balance between the old and the new is also a contributing factor. There is an existing challenge between Uranus and Saturn who are situated in Taurus and Aquarius, respectively. This seems to test new creations and the suitability of communications, networks, and grid systems.

There will be a square on 14th June yet it will come into effect under this eclipse because Saturn is stable in its position while Uranus is inching closer. This worsens the potential breakdown inherent in Mercury retrograde. Consequently, all these will usher instabilities and flaws in equipment, coding, and technology.

Uranus/Saturn square growths signify the end of eclipse as well as the need to rethink or rewrite a different narrative that is taking place right now. This is definitely going to compromise or outmode technology.

Nonetheless, this is just a part of the story that is expected to unfold in the month of December 2021. Rebooting the eclipse might play out till New Moon in Sagittarius and the solar eclipse on 4th December. This will also conclude the eclipse cycle. Uranus/Saturn square will conclude on 24th December.

We must pay extra attention to the words used by us while describing our life, our possibilities, and our future. Moreover, this time demands a closer look at the way we share information, stories, and energy with others. This is the ideal time for us to reset, rewrite, and restart.

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