Your Crystal Broke? Here’s What To Do

by Conscious Reminder

There are usually many reasons why a crystal breaks. One of the reasons might be that we have already received all the crucial lessons required from a crystal.

Other reasons may be that a crystal has completed the work it was meant to do for us. Crystals are also able to remove the toxicity present around us when we are no longer able to live peacefully.

Irrespective of the reasons, crystals are always trustworthy companions and allies in our path of growth, ascension, manifestation, and healing. This article will answer several questions regarding the things we must do after a crystal breaks and the reasons behind it.

Why Does A Crystal Break? 

Crystals do not get broken simply by being knocked over or dropping on the floor. There have been several instances when crystals automatically fall apart during a ritual, energy-healing work, or meditation. There can be 5 significant reasons behind the breaking of a crystal.

i: Toxic and negative environment- It is a known fact that gemstones normally help us in bringing a balance and alignment into our lives. Such stones are capable of absorbing all the toxicity and negativity present around us. As a result, when they take in too much negative energy that they are unable to hold they finally break.

ii: Crystal healing- Often a crystal breaks during energy-healing rituals. It is advisable to not continue the work with the broken stone. This is mainly because of the reason that that specific crystal has served the purpose of absorbing the negativity to its full capacity.

iii: Unaligned frequency- Every gemstone has an inherent and unique vibration. It is often seen that the particular energy of a crystal does not resonate with our own frequency and the crystal breaks. This is a clear indication that it is not the appropriate crystal for us and we are directed towards a stone better aligned with us.

iv: Lesson completed- Every crystal serves a different purpose and guides us in different times of our lives. Most times, we alchemize those lessons we are meant to learn. This might be a sign that we have already integrated those lessons and it is time to release the stone with gratitude.

v: Overworked Crystals- Sometimes we get a crystal that we are extremely compatible with and enjoy working with a lot. This often leads to overcharging or overworking of the crystal. It is necessary to provide a break to the gemstone. We must give adequate rest to it just like we give rest to our body.

What To Do After The Crystal Breaks? 

We certainly feel upset or sad when our favorite crystal breaks. However, it is quite common and a part of the journey. We can do some of these things after a crystal breaks:

1: Spend time alone with our crystal to appreciate and acknowledge everything it has done for us.

2: Bury the broken pieces of the crystal under our favorite bed of flowers.

3: Often we do not want to part with our favorite crystal. Then we can smear it with a white sage or keep it outdoors under the sun to get it recharged.

4: If the break is clean it means we must offer it to a friend or close person who might be in need of assistance and can benefit from the vibrations of the gemstone.

5: The broken pieces can be used as craftwork that can be kept in the house.

Even after a crystal gets broken, it is able to bring joy and positive energy to our life. Gemstones also get tired when they are overworked so we must pay close attention to them.

They must be regularly cleaned and recharged. If we cherish and nourish our relationship with the crystal, it will never break and part from us.

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